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Chemical fiber rugs are made of chemical fibers as the main raw material, and there are many kinds of chemical fiber rugs on the market. How to choose a chemical fiber rug that suits you, first of all, it is very important to understand the classification of household chemical fiber rugs. Types of household chemical fiber rugs, how can consumers buy to find the right rug? let us see.

Ⅰ. Classification of household chemical fiber rugs

1. Flat terry pile: It is characterized by different heights of the overall flat loop, no cutting, smooth surface, strong and durable.

2. Tufted rug: After inserting the loops into the base fabric (lining), use a layer of latex to firmly position the loops, and then glue the base fabric (lining) to make it firmer. When users buy chemical fiber rugs, on the one hand, they should choose a rug with a suitable color according to the color of the interior decoration, and on the other hand, they should choose the surface structure of the rug according to the place of use and decorative requirements. In addition, the physical properties of the rug should also be considered when purchasing a rug.

3. Fleece (coarse pile) rug: its characteristic is that several piles are closely connected, resulting in a small agglomeration effect. The rug is very strong and suitable for places with heavy traffic.

Ⅱ. Cleaning household chemical fiber rugs

Porous solids such as charcoal, coke, activated carbon, nano-active ore, and bamboo charcoal can effectively absorb harmful gases. Chlorophytum, aloe vera, and Sansevieria can absorb a large amount of indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants, eliminate and prevent indoor air pollution. Lighting candles in the house can effectively remove the smell of paint, which is economical and affordable.

Of course, be careful not to smoke the wall. Putting a few pineapples near freshly painted doors and windows can do double duty as it absorbs the smell of the paint and emits the scent of the pineapple itself. Put two pots of salt water indoors to basically eliminate the smell of paint within a day or two.

1. Clean up in time

Vacuum every day, and don't wait until a lot of stains and grime have penetrated the rug fibers. It is easy to clean only if it is cleaned frequently. When cleaning area rugs, take care to clean the floor under the rug.

2. Use evenly

After a few years of ruging, adjust the position so that it wears evenly. Once there is unevenness in some areas, tap lightly, or lightly iron with a steam iron.

3. Remove foreign bodies

A vacuum cleaner can solve the problem of some light substances such as fluff and paper scraps on the rug. If you accidentally break a glass on the rug, you can stick the broken glass with wider tape: if the broken glass is powder you can stick it with cotton dipped in water and then vacuum it.

4. Clean up scorch marks

There are scorch marks on the rug. If it's not serious, you can brush off the burnt part with printing or nickel coins. If there are severe scorch marks, press it with a book and wait until it dries before combing.

Rugs make our life more convenient, we no longer have to face cold floors, so you have to remember how to clean household synthetic rugs.

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