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Custom Made Rugs

  • Rug Concept

    One high end shag carpet rugs will attach great aesthetic feelings to both indoor and outdoor areas with less cost and effort. Homedec, a professional custom rug manufacturer in China, has faith in that every space is biotic regardless of its size, and deserve custom made shag area rugs with unique patterns. Select and buy shag rug refined custom rug design with incredible high quality will not only bring new vigor and vitality into the space but also transfer individual's spiritual world continuously. Browse our rug collection and high end designer rugs for sale and choose your ideal high quality shag rug.

  • Rug Types

    Homedec, a reliable rugs supplier with its own rugs factory, are increasingly applied in commercial spaces like hotels, offices and vip rooms where they create a cosy and inviting feeling for dear guests. In meanwhile, designer rugs for sale can be used as color highlights when all interior decoration is dull style. And the colorful cherkered area rugs by Homedec is popular among customers,one typical style is our multi-colour carpet. Besides cheap dark gray/grey capret rugs, our lively cute green rug, calm circle blue rug, and modern beige carpet are especially popular among customers. The material of our indoor outdoor area rugs and other high-quality designer rugs for sale is various. Soft polyester, cow skin or cowhide, crushed velvet, cream shag, crochet cotton, nylon, wool, and blended material with different backing choices are all optional for you.

  • Rug Designs

    Like our contemporary wall to wall carpet, our high end area rugs can also be customized. The newest 300DPI ink machine by Homedec, a reputable rug exporter with various high end area rugs for sale, can provide you the best design solution regardless of its complexity and color numbers. We can draw and design according to your reference or ideas. Turning your idea into reality is our everlasting mission. Both commercial and residential area rugs,indoor outdoor area rugs, can be designed.

  • Rug Cleaning

    Rug Cleaning: Carefully-selected raw materials of Homedec's carpet rug set at home-nylon, polyester, wool, sorona provide you the ease of area maintenance. Spilling your red wine on cheap large living room rugs or Christmas kitchen rugs will be a trouble for you. Fortunately, all range of Homedec's high end rugs for sale, such as the bathroom runner rug and bedroom bedside rug, are washable and the smudge will be easily cleaned. 

    Available size of indoor and outdoor area rugs: 10x12, 10x10, 10x13, 10x14, 12x12, 12x15, 2x3, 3x4, 3x5 ,3x6, 4x4, 4x5, 4x6, 5x5, 5x7, 5x8, 6x6, 6x6, 6x9, 7x7, 7x9, 7x10, 8x10, 8x11, 8x12, 9x9, 9x11, 9x12, 12x24...  



  • Custom Design


    • Size: All SIZE AVAILABLE

    • Pile Weight: Full range

    • Structure: Loop/Cut Pile

  • Premium Quality

    • Non-Shedding

    • High-Pile Weight

    • Strong-Durability

    • Family&Pet Friendly

  • Method Of Sales

    • Personal

    • Retailer

    • Wholesaler

    • Commercial

  • Premium Material

    • Raw Material: Nylon/Polyester/Wool

    • Backing: Grey Cotton Backing/Action Backing/Anti-Slip Backing

    • Dehydration Supplier: Dow's Chemical

    • Indoor Climate: A Level

  • Care Instruction

    • Use a vacuum cleaner for daily dust cleaning.

    • Gently clean the surface by hand, then rinse the detergent with running water.

  • high end area rugs
  • high end rugs for sale

High Quality Shag Rug Ordering

High quality shag rugs are suitable to your living room or bedroom because of its ultra softness and comfort. Handwoven with 100% soft polyester for durable construction. With the high of pile height of 1 for a super soft bedding underfoot, this type of high quality shag rug ensure your feelings.

High Quality Shag Rug Ordering

Custom Made Carpet




Rug Designs

Rug Designs

This brand new design-MONDERNO using the combination of the three different color elements-cyan, yellow and purple, expressing texture in fragmentation to create the sense of abstraction, timelessness, and modernity. We metaphorized this design into the "Quantum Break". Cherish the Past - Adorn the Present - Create the Future.

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Rug Collection

  • custom made rugs

    custom made rugs

  • designer rugs for sale

    designer rugs for sale

  • high end designer rugs for sale

    high end designer rugs for sale

  • high end area rugs

    high end area rugs

  • high end area rugs from homedec

    high end area rugs from homedec

  • high end rugs for sale from homedec

    high end rugs for sale from homedec

  • high end rugs

    high end rugs

  • buy shag rug

    buy shag rug

Let’s help you with your enquiry

Designer Rugs For Sale FAQs

  • What type of rug is most durable?

    The artifical yarn of high end rugs for sale is most durable like nylon or polyester.

  • What color high end rug hides the most dirt?

    Dark Color.

  • Why are handmade high end area rugs expensive?

    Because we need to tuft each yarn to the high end rug, very complicated.

  • How can you tell if a designer rug for sale is high-quality?

    We can tell from 3 aspect, Yarn Material, Pile Height,and Total Weight.

  • Are Chinese rugs good?

    Yes, China has a mature carpet manufacturing industry chain and quality control. Homedec, as a professional custom rug manufacturer in China, provides high quality custom made shag rugs for our customers.

  • How much do good rugs cost?

    The price of high end rugs for sale depends on the quantity, material and size required.

  • Do your factory accept small quantity order for personal use?

    No,we do not accept too small quantity order(<50㎡) for personal use.