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Ⅰ. How to maintain hotel carpets for guest rooms?

As home decoration becomes more and more fashionable and personalized, various styles and types of hotel carpets continue to appear in the market. Carpets have gradually become the fashion protagonist of home decoration. So, how to maintain the carpet?

1. Avoid light. Strong direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible to prevent the hotel project carpet from aging and fading.

2. Anti-fouling. During use, modern corridor carpet should not be contaminated with oil stains, acidic substances, colored liquids, etc. If pollution occurs, it should be wiped off with a high-quality hotel carpet cleaner immediately.

3. Remove dust. The surface fiber of hotel carpet is easy to accumulate dust. It should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner in the direction of hair. Do not use tooth-like or rough edge work to avoid damage to the carpet surface.

4. To prevent falling hair. If the carpet is fluffed, wipe it with a clean towel soaked in hot water, comb it straight with a comb, and iron it with a damp cloth from an iron pad to restore the original state.

5. When the hotel carpet is in use, the legs of the furniture are in contact with the hotel carpet, and the cushion layer should be prevented or the furniture should be changed frequently. In addition to protecting the parts with serious wear and tear, they can also be used in different positions.

6. Pay attention to ventilation and moisture-proof to avoid moth-eaten and mildew on the hotel carpet. If you find moth-eaten, corrosion, etc., you should ask a professional to repair it.

Ⅱ. The hotel carpet cleaning method

For the method and frequency of hotel carpet cleaning, we will share with you the basic procedures of carpet cleaning.

1. Carpets in hotels and restaurants are the most difficult to clean because of the heavy oil pollution. Clear the carpeted area without tables and chairs first.

2. Then pour the proportioned cleaning agent into the utensils of the carpet cleaning machine, and then start cleaning the hotel carpet.

3. If there are black stains on the carpet that has not been cleaned, spray the carpet with degreaser and clean it again.

4. After cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner to perform the procedure of vacuuming and absorbing water on the cleaned place. Finally, use the dryer to dry the area of the carpet.

Note: The cleaning agent must be adjusted according to the degree of stains on the hotel carpet, neither too thick nor too light; the cleaning method of the cleaning machine to clean the carpet is to rotate back and forth or push and pull left and right. Because of the difficulty of hotel carpet cleaning, it is advised to choose hotel carpets with darker colors, like gray loop carpet and black industrial carpet.

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