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Ⅰ. Maintenance steps of movie carpet

1. Daily cleaning: Cinema rugs vacuuming and stain treatment;

2. Weekly cleaning: Cinema rugs vacuum, stains removal, dry bubble infiltration or flannelette pad grinding method;

3. Regular cleaning: Cinema rugs vacuum, stains removal, and dry bubble cleaning method;

4. Thorough cleaning: Cinema rugs vacuum, stains removal, suction cleaning method.

Ⅱ. Factors affecting the treatment effect of movie carpet stains

1. The time when movie carpet stains appeared/punctuality of treatment;

2. Type and temperature of movie carpet stain;

3. The material of movie carpet;

4. Whether to choose the right cleaner and cleaning method for the movie carpet.

Ⅲ. A regular cleaning and maintenance process of movie carpet

1. Vacuuming;

2. Remove local stains;

3. Wet the cinema carpets. A small amount of foam free carpet cleaner is mixed with water; and it can be sprayed on the carpet surface to soften the dry matter;

4. Machine cleaning;

5. In case of emergency, the air dryer can be prepared for quick drying.

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