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Indoor air quality has increasingly become a concern of the international community and consumers. Rugs, as one of the indoor decoration materials, inevitably contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, styrene, and 4-phenyl cyclohexene in the production and processing, such as the adhesive and various additives used in the manufacturing process, which will bring certain degrees of pollution to indoor air and affect human health if the residual harmful substances exceed the national standard requirements when they are laid and used.

Therefore, consumers must be aware of whether the batch of products meets the relevant standard requirements when selecting rugs to protect their own health.

Pile density of rugs

Rugs with high quality pile have a full density on the surface. These rugs have good elasticity, are resistant to trampling and wear, and are comfortable and durable. Consumers are reminded not to choose long pile rugs as they appear fluffy and beautiful, but the pile density is sparse and the pile is prone to collapse and deformation, making these rugs not resistant to trampling and not durable.

Color fastness of rugs

Rugs with various colors have a soft texture and are beautiful and generous. When selecting rugs, consumers can use their hands or test fabrics to repeatedly rub the rug surface to see if color sticks to their hands or test fabrics. If so, it means that the color fastness of the product is poor, which may cause the rug to discolor and lose its beauty and affect its performance during use.

Peel strength of rug backing

The back of a tufted rug is glued with a layer of mesh backing according to the standard requirement of peel strength index≥25N. When consumers choose this type of rug, they can lightly tear the mesh backing with their hands to see the degree of adhesion. If the adhesion is not high, the backing and rug body may separate easily, thus making the rug not durable.

Appearance quality of rugs

When selecting rugs, consumers should check whether the surface of the rug is smooth, whether the edge is straight, and whether there are defects, oil stains, color differences, etc. Especially when choosing tufted rugs, consumers should also check if the backing is peeling off or if there is seepage of glue to avoid the rug becoming bulging or uneven during use, thus losing its comfort and beauty.

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