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Cinemas are places with a lot of people. People will rub a lot of stains on the carpets of commercial cinemas, as well as food scraps, drinks, etc. when they are watching movies. In addition, if the carpet is not cleaned and maintained for a long time, the surface will become dirty and hard. It will become moldy and smelly due to long-term dampness, which will reduce its lifespan. We will provide you with some methods of commercial cinema carpet cleaning.

Generally speaking, theater carpet tiles should be cleaned at least twice a year, once every six months, and decontamination and maintenance are sufficient. Here are a few methods to clean carpets.

Ⅰ. Wet cleaning of movie theater carpet tiles

1. Vacuum.

2. Partial cleaning, that is, use a special cleaner to clean the oil stains, fruit stains, and coffee stains on the movie theater rug separately.

3. Comprehensive cleaning. Professionals operate the cinema shag carpet area rug cleaning machine, use the cleaning fluid to scrub the carpet carefully, and then absorb the cleaning fluid and dirt. Generally, it can be repeated several times depending on the degree of dirtiness of the commercial cinema carpet.

4. Rinse the carpet with clean water added with detoxifier and a cleaning machine.

5. Drying the cinema carpet is actually a process of disinfecting the cinema carpet again, but there must be time conditions.

Ⅱ. Dry cleaning of movie theater carpet tiles

The general process:

① The powder spreader evenly spreads dry cleaning powder in turns.

② For the cleaning of partial stains, manual brushing cleaning is available.

③ Clean with a dry cleaning machine.

④ Vacuum thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. The advantages of dry cleaning cinema carpets are that they do not need water, protect indoor furniture and electrical equipment, deep wash to eliminate mites, molds, extend service life, and improve air quality.

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