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Carpet is a floor covering made of cotton, linen, wool, silk, grass and other natural fibers or chemical synthetic fibers that are knitted, flocked or woven by hand or mechanical processes. It is one of the arts and crafts categories with a long history and tradition in the world. However, the hotel carpet will also be messy, so we must clean the carpet, so what are the cleaning methods of the hotel carpet? Below we provide you with some relevant information for reference only!

1. The hotel carpet should be cleaned in time

Use a vacuum cleaner every day. Don't wait until a lot of stains and dirt have penetrated into the hotel carpet fibers to clean up. It is easy to clean only if you clean it frequently. When cleaning the carpet, pay attention to sweeping the floor under the carpet.

2. Uniform use of hotel carpets

After the hotel project carpet has been used for several years, it is best to adjust the position to make it wear evenly. Once there are unevenness in some places, tap lightly, or lightly iron it with a steam iron.

3. Decontamination methods of hotel rugs

Ink stains can be wiped with citric acid, the wiped area should be washed with water, and then wiped off with a dry towel. Fruit juice can be removed with cold water and a small amount of dilute ammonia solution. Paint stains can be mixed with gasoline and washing powder to make porridge. Apply to the paint at night, rinse with warm water the next morning, and then dry with a dry towel.

4. Remove foreign objects from hotel carpets

Some light-weight substances such as fluff and paper scraps fall on the luxury hospitality carpet, and the vacuum cleaner can solve it. If you accidentally break a glass on the hotel carpet, you can stick the broken glass with wider tape. If the broken glass is powdery, you can stick it with cotton dipped in water, and then use a vacuum cleaner.

5. Clean up scorch marks from hotel carpets

If it is not serious, use a stiff brush to brush off the burnt part. If it is a serious scorch, press it with a book, wait until it is dry, and then comb it.

6. Dedust hotel carpets

Soak the broom in soapy water and sweep the wall to wall carpets for hospitality, keep the broom moist, then sprinkle with fine salt, sweep with the broom, and finally wipe with a dry rag.

When cleaning hotel rugs, chemical fiber carpets can be washed and dried if conditions permit. The pure wool hotel carpet has to be placed in the sun for a while, pay attention to turn the hotel carpet over, hang it on the rope and beat it with a thin stick to remove the dust as much as possible. This also effectively kills mites on the carpet.

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