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When you walk into the cinema, do you find that the floor material of many cinemas is carpet? That's because the cinema carpet has a certain function of sound absorption and noise reduction. When everyone is watching the movie, the huge screen and surround sound bring you an audio-visual feast, but the sound produced is not to be underestimated. Therefore, the first choice for theaters when choosing decoration materials is materials with strong sound insulation properties.

Cinemas can be described as loyal users of carpets. Even if the ticket hall does not lay carpets, there will be carpets in the viewing area. So what features of cinema carpets can become a "must-have" for movie theaters? And what are the options for cinema carpets?

Ⅰ. Reasons for the cinema to lay movie theater carpet tiles

1. Movie theater rug can reduce sound and noise

The movie theater atmosphere is made of large screens and surround sound to make people feel immersive. If the huge sound produced cannot be effectively isolated, it will affect the experience of other theaters and those waiting to watch the movie. Therefore, commercial cinema carpet is popular in theaters because of their excellent sound and noise reduction functions.

2. Movie theater rug can be slip resistant

Many parents will take their children to watch movies together. Lively children will easily fall during running. The anti-slip effect of the cinema commercial carpet is very good, and the soft carpet surface can also reduce the damage after falling.

There are some customers who enter the viewing area late because of being late, because the film starts to play and the view inside the venue is relatively poor, and they are also prone to wrestling when walking up the stairs. The cinema carpet is also a protective measure for everyone.

3. Cinema carpets are more resistant to dirt

Cinema carpet generally chooses gray loop carpet. These carpets are more resistant to stains, and cinemas have a lot of traffic. People can easily leave stains on the ground. Therefore, the characteristics of cinema carpets are very resistant to stains. Important and obvious.

Ⅱ. The choice of various types of cinema carpets

1. Axminster carpet

There is wool in the yarn of Axminster carpet, which is a relatively high-end choice. Its comfortable foot feel and rich pattern selection will bring you a better experience when watching movies. In addition, the Axminster movie theater rugs can reach the B1 fire protection standard, which is quite high in terms of fire protection.

2. Tufted carpet

The materials of tufted carpets are more diverse. There are many options, such as wool, corn fiber, nylon and so on. The patterns are mostly simple and elegant, and there are many decoration styles that can be matched, which can also be said to be a very versatile choice.

3. Wilton carpet

Wilton carpet made of polypropylene. This kind of cinema room carpet has good wear resistance. It is very suitable for use in movie theaters with a relatively large flow of people. Long service life, easy to clean and take care of, very cost-effective

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