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Many people often maintain their rugs at home, but do you know that there are many people who have not done it right in the methods of rug maintenance, forming rug maintenance misconceptions, which shortens the service life of the rug.

Rug maintenance requires us to use the correct methods, but we often fall into rug maintenance misconceptions due to many individual reasons. Below we will focus on what rug maintenance misconceptions are? Have you been hit by these rug maintenance misconceptions?

The cleaning of rugs is not classified by type

Many people do not have a sense of distinction among the texture kinds of rugs when cleaning the rugs. When cleaning, they all treat them uniformly according to the methods they know, without differentiating the material of the rug.

There are many materials for rugs, such as pure wool, chemical fiber, blended, cotton, etc. Pure wool rugs are more difficult to clean and require dry-cleaning methods, while chemical fiber rugs are relatively simple and can be wet cleaned.

Rugs need sunlight to sterilize

People often put bedding in the sun to sterilize, thinking that it is also applicable to the maintenance of rugs, so they often put washed rugs under the sun. However, long-term exposure to sunlight can cause the rug to lose its original softness and color, which is not a good way to maintain the rug.

If you want to sunbathe to sterilize, it is advisable to place the rug under the sun for 1-2 hours, and it is best to place the rug in a ventilated area to air dry, in order to reduce damage to the rug, so that the rug can be clean, soft, comfortable and durable.

Think that rugs shed

When using or cleaning rugs, many people will find a thin layer of "floating hair" on the surface of the rug, or the length of the rug fibers is uneven, and they think it is shedding. In fact, "floating hair" is a common phenomenon in short-fiber wool rugs, and the phenomenon of uneven length of rug fibers is also common.

The thin layer of "floating hair" generally does not need to be taken care of. For the rug with uneven length of fibers, just rub the fibers in the same direction with your hand. Don't assume that it is shedding and blindly replace the rug without considering the rug texture.

Rugs need strong bleaching water to clean

The inevitable use of rugs is to get dirty and stained, and when encountering stubborn stains, some people choose to use strong bleaching water to clean the rug.

Strong bleaching water can fully clean the stains on the rug, but after the rug comes into contact with strong bleaching water, it may produce chemical stains or discoloration, and may even cause corrosion and wear off the rug. Therefore, even if you have to use strong bleaching water to clean the stains on the rug, try to dilute it with water as much as possible before use.

In daily use, be careful to avoid rugs getting difficult-to-clean liquids, such as soy sauce, red wine, paint, etc. If it really gets stained, it is best to use some cleaning tricks to handle it. If strong bleaching water is really needed to clean the stains on the rug, try to dilute it with water as much as possible to avoid damage to the rug.

Rugs should be cleaned frequently

Many people think that rug maintenance is to clean and wash frequently, which can ensure the cleanliness of the rug and not worry about bacteria and other issues, so it is considered more reassuring. In fact, frequent washing will affect the softness, color, and luster of the rug. Therefore, in order to keep the rug clean, it is not necessary to wash it frequently.

Nowadays, most rugs are pure wool rugs, etc., which are not suitable for frequent washing and will cause damage to the rug. The most correct way to maintain the rug is to combine thorough cleaning with regular dust removal.

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