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The main factors that affect the price of area rugs are as follows:

1. The technology of the area rugs

It goes without saying that mechanical rugs are absolutely cheap. If it is a handmade rug, the different craftsmanship will also affect the price. Generally, there are two main processes for the production of handmade rugs in the world, one is Tibetan knot, the other is Persian knot or Turkish knot. The technique commonly used on Tibetan rugs is knotting through rods. When weaving rugs, textile workers will tie knots with the help of horizontal rods so that hand weaving of hidden rugs takes less time. Tying the knot by hand without the aid of a crossbar is more laborious and time-consuming. For custom rug manufacturers, hidden wool rugs are not as durable as Persian or Turkish knots, so they are less expensive.

2. The raw materials of the area rugs

Cashmere has been the raw material for making rugs since ancient times. There are also many kinds of wool, and the prices vary widely. Of course, the quality of New Zealand wool is higher. New Zealand wool is fine, soft and soft, which is more comfortable than ordinary rugs, and the price will also be higher than that of ordinary national rugs. Iranian high-grade wool rugs are made of lamb wool that is about 14 months old, called Coker wool. Many high-end Persian rugs are made of this wool, so the price of rugs is not cheap.

3. The quality of the area rugs

It's all a joke if hand-made rugs aside from quality and price. The quality of handmade rugs ranges from seventy or eighty to two or three hundred, and the price range spans a lot. The more the varieties are, the better the quality and the more expensive the price.

Ordinary rugs are more than 100 pieces, and more than 200 pieces are quite good. The higher the number of rugs, the better the choice will be. Because weaving itself is very time-consuming, if the material is not used well, the final selling price is estimated to be unable to pay the wages of the workers. In this way, it can basically be judged that the higher the material of the rug, the better the material is.

4. The design of the area rugs

There are currently two main designs of handmade rugs, one is a modern abstract style of banquet carpet design and the other is a traditional pattern. Such as classic pattern Persian style. Wool rugs cost significantly more to design than modern handmade rugs.

Traditional design has higher requirements for pattern design, more colors, more delicate patterns, and more time-consuming and labor-intensive weaving, so the cost will be slightly higher. Traditional patterns are also more visually advantageous than modern designs. Wholesome design homedec is a great choice for all the people pay much attention to the appearance of carpets.

5. The origin of the area rugs

There are many handmade rugs in the country of origin, and Persian rugs are the most expensive.

The factors that affect the price of handmade rugs are the above. Wool rugs itself is actually a large category, covering a much wider range than silk rugs, so it is more important to find a professional and reliable supplier when purchasing. Homedec, as one of the most professional carpets manufacturer in China, always provides high-quality carpets with exquisite design in a reasonable price.

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