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I.  Common mistakes in carpet protection

1. Over cleaning is maintenance

Many people think it is necessary to wash the carpet regularly if they want to keep the carpet clean. In fact, if the carpet is washed frequently, it will affect its softness, color and luster. Generally, it is enough to carry out daily maintenance by dust collection, such as daily dust removal and regular thorough cleaning.

2. Dry the carpet in the sunlight

Many people put the washed sculpted wall to wall carpet under the sun. They think that this can make it dry faster, or  it can achieve sterilization effect by putting the carpet in the sun. In fact, it is wrong. Generally speaking, it is no problem for carpet to be exposed to the sun for 1-2 hours, but the long-term exposure will make the carpet lose its original softness and color, which undoubtedly does more harm than good. The best way to air dry is to put it in the vent to get air dried naturally, so that the damage to the carpet is the least.

3. Clean with strong bleach

The strong bleaching water can clean the stains left on the carpet, but the shaggy pile rugs and carpets may produce chemical stains or fade after contacting with the strong bleaching water.

II. Three major issues of carpet protection

1. It is necessary to remove dust and mites

It is because dust accumulation in the carpet will cause fiber wear, and make the color of the carpet become gray. Vacuuming should be done twice or three times a week in halls, corridors and places with frequent walks, and at least once a week in bedrooms. In addition, carpets especially those custom printed carpet tiles are easy to breed mites and bacteria. Regular dust removal can effectively remove the eggs and dust hidden in the carpet fiber, which is better than regular cleaning carpet.

2. Remove carpet stains in time

Removing stains is another important part of carpet protection. The earlier the work is carried out, the better the effect will be. If deal with the dirt after a long time, the dirt will have penetrated into the fiber tissue of the carpet. The dirt that could be removed become difficult to remove.

Clean the carpet thoroughly on a regular basis

In addition to regular dust collection, the carpet can also be thoroughly cleaned after laying for a period of time. Generally, the carpet should be thoroughly cleaned every 2-3 months to remove mites, so as to ensure the durability and health of the carpet.

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