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Hotel carpet daily maintenance knowledge

Clean with a vacuum cleaner and use vinegar to eliminate pet odors on the carpet.

Add 4 cups of vinegar to 4 liters of warm water, soak a towel and wring it out before wiping the carpet. Vinegar can not only prevent the hotel carpet from discoloring or fading, but also eliminate pet odors (baking soda also has a deodorizing effect). After wiping, put it in a ventilated place to dry.

For removing dust from hotel carpets, whether it is hotel corridor carpet or room carpet, sprinkle some salt before cleaning the carpet. Salt can adsorb dust, so even the smallest particles can be cleaned thoroughly. It can also make the hotel carpet more durable and keep its color bright.

How to remove chewing gum adhering to hotel carpets

First, put ice cubes in a plastic bag and press them on the chewing gum to make it solidified. After testing it by hand, wait until the chewing gum is completely hardened, then use a brush or toothbrush to remove it, and finally use a brush to clean it thoroughly. Do not randomly use chemical diluents because they can damage the carpet and be more trouble than they are worth.

How to remove coffee stains from hotel carpets

If coffee is accidentally spilled on the hotel bedroom carpet, use a dry cloth or tissue to absorb the liquid, then mix equal amounts of white wine and alcohol and sprinkle on the stain, pat with a dry cloth to remove. If there is no white wine, vinegar can also have the same effect.

Therefore, if there is leftover white wine, make good use of it to maintain cleanliness. In addition to coffee, food stains that are prone to color, such as black tea, can also be removed in the same way.

Summer maintenance and storage of hotel carpets

After using the hotel carpet for a period of time, it is best to change its position to make the wear even. If there are uneven spots, gently pat them, or use a steam iron or hot towel to iron them gently. If the hotel carpet has fuzz, use a clean towel soaked in hot water to wipe it and comb it straight with a comb. Iron along the direction of the hair with a damp cloth to restore it.

In summer, if the hotel carpet needs to be temporarily stored, be sure to clean it and then dry it in a cool place. After gently removing the dust, sprinkle some insect repellent on the carpet and roll it up against the grain. Remember not to slam it on a hard surface to save time and energy, as this can damage the warp and weft lines of the carpet.

Finally, seal it in a plastic bag and place it in a ventilated and dry place. In addition, hotel carpets must not be stored outdoors, otherwise, they may be damaged by insects or sunlight fading.

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