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Classification of rugs by material:

Pure wool rug:

Made from the wool of the Tibetan sheep, it has long fibers, high tensile strength, good elasticity, and a lustrous appearance.

Due to its long fibers, high tensile strength, good elasticity, and lustrous appearance, the fibers are slightly thicker and stronger, making it generally suitable for high-level places such as hotels, receptions rooms, villas, national venues and other high-end places.

Chemical fiber rug:

Also called synthetic fiber rug, it uses the tufting method or weaving machine weaving to make synthetic fibers into a surface layer, which is then sewn onto a jute cloth bottom layer.

The appearance and hand feel is similar to that of a wool rug, wear-resistant and elastic, with characteristics such as stain and moth resistance. It is suitable for areas with frequent walking, such as corridors, stairs, living rooms, etc.

Blended rug:

A flooring material made of wool fibers blended with various mixed fibers, containing synthetic fiber.

The wear resistance is better than that of ordinary rugs, overcoming the shortcomings of synthetic fiber rugs being prone to static electricity and dust accumulation. It is especially suitable for use in economically decorated residences.

Plastic rug:

Made by mixing polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizers and other auxiliary materials and shaping them evenly.

It has a soft texture, bright colors, comfortable durability, is not easy to burn, has self-extinguishing properties, is not afraid of moisture, and has good elasticity. It can be freely stitched according to the area. This plastic rug can be used as a rug for hotels, shopping malls, stages, residences, and can also be used in bathrooms to prevent slipping.

Classification of rugs by surface fiber:

Loop pile rug:

The surface of the loop pile rug is composed of loops of a certain height, which has the characteristics of uniform loop density, moderate hardness and smoothness of the surface, comfortable walking, good wear resistance, and easy cleaning.  Like most white loop rugs in the hallway, it is suitable for places with a lot of walking. 

If the loop height is changed, or some loops are cut, patterns can be displayed, the pattern is subtle and generous, and the style is elegant. It is suitable for areas with frequent trampling, it is not only wear-resistant but also easy to maintain.

Cut pile rug:

The surface structure of the cut pile rug is in a tuft shape, the surface is delicate, the touch is soft, and the length of the fibers is generally between 5-30mm.

The short-fiber rug is durable, easy to walk on, practical, but lacks a luxurious feel and has poor comfort and elasticity.

The long-fiber rug is soft and plump, with good elasticity and warmth, comfortable foot feel, and a luxurious style. The surface is very flat, improving the feel of the surface fibers. The appearance and performance are well integrated, but the wear resistance is not as good as the loop pile rug.

Loop and cut pile rug:

As the name suggests, the loop and cut pile rug is a combination of loop and cut piles. By changing the loop height or cutting some loops, patterns can be displayed. The patterns are subtle and generous, and the style is elegant.

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