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We always decorate our new house with all our love, therefore we are very selective when choosing our household items, such as the selection of carpet tiles for home. How much do we know about the rugs? We will now offer a kind reminder to anyone who wants to buy the suitable carpet tiles for home, please always keep the following four pieces of advice in mind when selecting carpet tiles for home:

1. The knack of carpet tiles for home selection - Color fastness

If you choose the colour and design are relatively rich carpet tiles for home, you could use your hand or test cloth to repeatedly rub the surface of the rug several times to check whether there is any color on your hands or test cloth. If there is any color, it indicates the color fastness of the product is not very good, it will cause the rugs easily have color change and fading while they are in use, moreover, it will affect the appearance of the carpet tiles over time while you are using them.

2. The co-location of rugs and furniture

You can choose the color of lower purity when buying carpet tiles for home, the safer color such as: high class taupe, light beige, white, gray and black, there will be less opportunities to have "conflict" between these colors and most of the furniture color, if the rugs can "live together in peace" with the furniture, you can create a harmonious overall sense of atmosphere, but if you prefer to show a special personal character, it is also good to be bold and select unusual bright color to form a clash of colors with home decorations, the bold colors could create a unique atmosphere.

3. Material selection of carpet tiles for home

There are various types of rugs, you can choose the rugs based on your own needs , common rugs materials include pure wool carpet, chemical fibber carpet, if you need the carpet with strong stain resistance, easy to take care of, easy to clean, anti-static function, you can choose some suitable materials:

(1) Nylon rug: Offers higher elasticity and durability than all other fibers, and it's easy to maintain, if you want your rugs last for 10 years or more, nylon ones will be the good choice.

(2) Polypropylene rug: It's a very attractive material, it is inexpensive, durable, fade resist, although the elasticity of this type of rug is not as same as nylon, however it has good stain properties, anti-static and mildew resistance function.

4. Carpet tiles for home size selection

The selection of the carpet tiles for home size should be according to the size of the furniture and the furniture arrangement, if the house layout is simple, you can choose some rugs to put in the living room to embellish, an alternative idea covering the entire living room floor with rugs, and in addition you may add a few adornment rugs.

5. Carpet tiles for home and personal sensitive conditions

You may also need to consider some personal conditions when you choose carpet tiles for home, for example: for those who suffer from allergies with skin, respiratory tract or nose (such as patients with sinusitis), they shall not choose the rugs made from wool to avoid affecting personal health conditions.

We have made relevant introduction about the selection of carpet tiles for home to everyone in the above article, in fact, selecting your new rugs is not the final step in the process. Thereinto, the important thing is to extend the service life of the rugs, feel free to contact us in the future to assist you with any consultation. We sincerely look forward to serving your needs in the future.

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