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Ⅰ. Precautions for buying high-quality pure wool area rugs

1. Observe the appearance

High-quality pure wool area rugs have beautiful patterns, rich suede, uniform colors, distinct patterns, soft plush on the bottom, and consistent inversion; while low-quality area rugs have dull colors, fuzzy patterns, sparse plush,  easy to pilling and not resistant to dirt.

2. Touch the raw materials

High quality pure blanket raw materials adopted by area rugs manufacturers are generally made of worsted wool. Its wool is long and uniform, soft and elastic without hard roots; The raw materials of inferior area rugs are often moldy inferior wool and acrylic polypropylene fiber. Its w sool is long and uniform, inelastic and hard roots when touched by hand.

3. Test on your feet

High-quality pure wool area rugs feel comfortable on the feet, not sticky or slippery, and the rebound is very good. After stepping on them, they can quickly restore to the original. The elasticity of inferior carpets is often very small, and the recovery is very slow after stepping on. The foot feels rough, often accompanied by the feeling of hard objects.

4. Check process

High-quality pure wool area rugs are exquisite in craftsmanship, straight and regular in texture; inferior area rugs are rough in workmanship, with many leaks and exposed bottoms, and their density is significantly lower than that of high-quality products.

Ⅱ. What are the commonly used area rugs?

There are many texture kinds of rugs and they can be divided into pure wool area rugs, blended area rugs, chemical fiber area rugs, plastic area rugs, etc.

1. Pure wool area rug

Chinese pure wool area rugs are made of native wool, with long fibers, high tensile force, good elasticity, luster, and slightly thick and powerful fibers. They are high-quality raw materials for weaving area rugs in the world.

2. Blended area rug

Blended area rugs are floor coverings that are blended with wool fibers and various synthetic fibers. Blended area rug is less expensive and has improved performance because it incorporates synthetic fibers. If 20% nylon fiber is added to the wool fiber, the abrasion resistance of the area rug can be increased by five times, the decorative performance is no less than that of pure wool area rug, and the price will also drop.

3. Chemical fiber area rug

Chemical fiber area rugs, also known as synthetic fiber area rugs, are made of synthetic fibers by tufting or weaving, and then stitched with the bottom layer of linen. The chemical fiber area rug has good wear resistance, strong elasticity and low price, and is suitable for the floor decoration of general buildings.

4. Plastic area rug

Plastic area rugs are made of auxiliary materials such as polyvinyl chloride resin and plasticizer, which are mixed evenly and can replace pure wool area rugs and chemical fiber area rugs. The plastic area rug is soft in texture, bright in color, comfortable and durable, not easy to burn, self-extinguishing, and not afraid of moisture. Plastic area rugs are suitable for hotels, shopping malls, stages, residences, etc. Since plastic area rugs are water resistant, they can also be used in bathrooms to prevent slipping.

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