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The grade of the hotel becomes better and better with the improvement of economic development. You can both experience the comfort feeling of being at home and enjoy feeling the sense of nobility in some high-end hotels. What is the key component to make everyone feel comfortable during their staying in the hotel, the answer is the hotel carpet, hotel carpet plays an important role in improving the sense of the hotel. Usually the carpet is an important factor in determining the style of a hotel. Because the hotel carpet accounts for a relatively large proportion inside the hotel's interior, therefore the hotel carpet plays a decisive role in how to decorate the hotel style.

Ⅰ. Hotel carpet is an important part of the hotel decorations

Selecting the hotel carpet wisely and reasonably is an important job to give the real test to the hotel designer. The only way to make the hotel decoration effectively outstanding is to select the suitable hotel carpet.

Ⅱ. Hotel design is a very important design project of the design industry

Although the design and application of hotel carpet is not dominant, however it will effect the entire interior space design. How can you achieve unity of hotel carpet and hotel overall space design? We will introduce to you in the following paragraphs.

Ⅲ. Hotel carpet design is based on different types of hotel to configuration

1. There is a distinct difference between the intention and manner of interior design and decoration base on whether it is the star hotel, business boutique hotel, thematic hotel or resort hotel. Hotel carpet design has become the important part to create hotel style characteristics.

2. First of all, the tonality of hotel carpet and hotel overall design need to be unified, secondly, carpet pattern has to be unified with the overall space style, to achieve the purpose of changing environment and improving the grade. To select the carpet with plans and standard. To choose the different carpets base on the decoration standard and style is the only way to coordinate the beauty, achieving to make the perfect unity of the project and complete the overall design vision, making the icing on the cake.

3. When selecting the hotel carpet, it needs to be unified with the hotel tonal design, it can change the feeling tone and atmosphere of the environment, bringing vitality to different occasions. It can be used to weaken, strengthen or match the harmony of adornment emotional appeal. If every color of the hotel carpet can get more or less echo from the walls, furniture, fabrics, display, thus it could achieve the state of overall harmony.

4. To select the hotel carpet base on the different area use functions, whether it is hotel room carpet, corridor carpet, or restaurant carpet, etc. A complete hotel project is composed of a number of different areas, the selection of the carpet used in different areas should also be considered to compliment one another. You can get different feeling from the different carpet knitting methods, such as choosing the plain color carpet with stronger texture or selecting a carpet with the dark pattern for the business area, selecting high suede carpet for a hotel room, improve softness and specifications of the carpet.

Ⅳ. The external environment factors of hotel carpet design

We need to consider the factors base on the local annual average temperature, rainfall, air quality, sanitary greening condition,etc. It will cause a lot of unnecessary troubles of using and maintaining the hotel carpet if the above mentioned environmental factors are not considered seriously.

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