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In office decoration, the floor decoration material is one of the main decoration materials. As a floor decoration material, carpets are often used in office design and other places. So why do many office floor decorations choose carpets?

Reasons for laying office carpet tiles:

Sound insulation effect:

The modern office carpet texture has a tightly breathable structure, which can absorb and isolate sound waves and has a good sound insulation effect.

Improve air quality:

The surface of the commercial modern office carpet can capture and absorb dust particles floating in the air, effectively improve indoor air quality.

Carpet safety:

Office carpet tiles are soft paving materials, different from hard ground paving materials such as marble and tiles, which are not easy to slip and bump.

Artistic beautification effect:

Modern office carpet has rich patterns, gorgeous colors and diverse shapes, which can beautify the office environment and reflect the personality of the office.


Carpets do not have radiation and do not emit gases harmful to health such as formaldehyde, and meet various environmental protection requirements.

Improve foot feeling:

The office carpet tiles texture feels comfortable. In cold and humid environments, foot feelings of ground materials such as hardwood floors, marble, and tiles can be uncomfortable. Office carpet tiles can solve such problems.

Construction process of office carpet tiles

Every process has its own set of construction processes, and laying carpets is no exception. The construction process of carpets generally includes card strip fixing method and pasting fixing method:

  • Card strip fixing method

Basic cleaning and treatment → carpet cutting → nail prick board → cushion layer → seam → leveling → fixing carpet → edge trimming → repairing carpet surface → cleaning.

  • Pasting fixing method Basic ground treatment → measuring and laying → carpet cutting → scraping glue and airing → laying silver pressure → cleaning and protection.

Specific points of construction technology for office carpet tiles

The construction process is a measure of the professionalism of decoration. The construction technology of carpets is no exception. If the floor materials are well selected but the technology is not good, the aesthetic of office decoration will be greatly reduced. So, what are the key points of carpet construction technology? You can refer to the following five points:

  • Before paving, actual measurement must be performed to measure whether the wall corner is square and accurately record the angles of each corner. Cut the carpet according to the calculated cutting size on the back of the carpet.

  • In the fixed type of nail prick board, nail the prick board along the wall, and the distance between the prick board and the skirting board is 8 millimeters.

  • At the joint, use tape to stick the two pieces of carpet together on the back of office carpet tiles. First, trim the uneven pile on the joint, and repeatedly rub the pile at the joint until the joint is no longer visible on the surface.

  • When bonding and laying, scrape the glue and let it stand for 5 to 10 minutes until the glue becomes dry and sticky before laying. After the carpet is laid, use a stretcher to pull and flatten the carpet, and hang it on the nail prick board. For bonding, after the carpet is laid, use a felt roller to press out air bubbles. Cut off the excess carpet edge and clean up the pulled fiber.

  • When cutting the carpet, cut along the warp yarn of the carpet, only cut the weft yarn, and do not cut the warp yarn. For carpets with backings, separate the pile from the front and find the warp yarn and weft yarn before cutting.

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