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Generally, we prefer to use carpets to protect our floors. Carpets not only give people a comfortable feeling, but also play a great role in protecting our floors from wear and tear. What kind of material is good for hotel carpets? What are the selection techniques?

Ⅰ. Common hotel carpet materials

1. Silk and leather carpet

Silk leather carpets have existed in ancient times, their productivity is small, and their raw materials are limited to a certain extent. The cost of this kind of real silk leather carpets is very high. With the development of society, today's real silk leather carpets are rare. Carpets of this material are also quite expensive.

2. Pure wool carpet

When choosing indoor wall to wall carpets for hospitality, most consumers are willing to choose pure wool carpets. This is because wool belongs to animal fibers and is tubular, which has good moisture-proof and dry-proof effects. When the air is too heavy, wool will absorb moisture, and when the indoor temperature is dry, it will release moisture, so pure wool carpets can regulate the indoor temperature, which is one of the reasons why many consumers prefer pure wool carpets.

3. Nylon fiber carpet

Among the many carpet materials, nylon fiber carpet has unique excellent performance in terms of strength, elasticity and durability. The luxury hospitality carpet of this material not only maintains the inherent beauty of the fiber for a long time, but also has excellent anti-fouling and dust-proof performance, and these features also make the carpet made of nylon fiber widely loved by consumers, but this kind of carpet is often used in the living room and entrance. Although nylon hotel carpets are more cost-effective, nylon carpets are more likely to be polluted and prone to static electricity.

Ⅱ. Matters needing attention in hotel carpet selection

1. Choice of color

It is mainly based on the location where it is laid and your own hobbies. For example, the study room should choose a pattern with fresh and elegant color and elegant style; the living room should choose a carpet pattern with large patterns and smooth lines, which can create a visually open effect.

For easy replacement, you can also choose block carpets; for the bedroom, you should choose a carpet with a small pattern and a well-matched pattern, which is quiet and warm in vision, and at the same time, the color should be coordinated with the overall furniture. It is best to choose pure wool carpets and silk carpets for bedrooms; stains to be dealt with should be considered when choosing carpets for restaurants, such as stains from beverages and food. The colorful patterns help to hide stains.

2. Selection of quality

Purely handmade carpets: mainly depends on the density of the piled pile, which is called "the number of threads" in the industry. It refers to the number of warp and weft threads in the carpet per foot (0.3048m). The higher the number of lines, the more knots, the finer the tufting, and the better the quality. General living rooms can choose 90 or 120 carpets, 90 means 90×90=8100 pile knots per square foot.

A hotel project carpet with good design and texture can help improve the overall sense and visual effect of a space, making the furniture on the carpet stand out and look more distinctive. If there is no such thing and the furniture is placed coldly on the ground, maybe the space will look a bit empty and the overall visual effect will not be so complete.

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