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Carpets have the characteristics of beauty, safety, comfort, cleanliness, sound absorption, heat preservation, etc. Therefore, hotels and many public areas such as guest rooms and corridors are covered with carpets. According to different textile fiber materials, there are three main types of carpets commonly used in hotels, namely, chemical fiber carpets, Wool carpets and blended carpets. The renewal cycle of the carpet is generally 5-7 years, but this does not mean that the maintenance of the carpet can be ignored. If it is not well maintained, it will be completely different in less than one or two years; if it is well maintained, it will be beautiful and soft as new after five years. Therefore, the cleaning and maintenance of carpets should be taken seriously in the daily work of the hotel. So how to do the cleaning and maintenance of hotel carpets?

Ⅰ. Reduce construction pollution before laying hotel carpets

Before laying hotel carpets, there are two main aspects to reduce pollution caused by project construction:

1. Keep the cement floor clean and free of dust. This requires a thorough cleaning of the ground before the construction of the project.

2. During construction, engineers should do a good job of dust prevention and try not to bring dust in. The control of deep-level pollution sources is to prevent the hotel carpet from polluting the hotel carpet after the dust on the floor or the rubber mat meets water in the future cleaning of the hotel carpet.

Ⅱ. Controling the external pollution of hotel carpets

For the hotel rugs in guest rooms, there are several main sources of pollution: push and pull back and forth of working vehicles, luggage carts, engineering maintenance, water stains in rooms and bathrooms, etc. According to these pollution, some corresponding measures can be taken, such as: cleaning the wheels of the work cart regularly, taking protective measures during engineering maintenance, laying scrap sheets at the construction site, and laying a small carpet at the entrance of the bathroom when the cleaner cleans the room.

Ⅲ. Daily vacuuming of hotel carpets

In addition to controlling some external factors in the maintenance of the hotel carpet, thorough vacuuming is a more important task of maintaining the hotel carpet. Vacuuming can not only remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the carpet, but also the grit hidden deep in the bottom of the carpet. Moreover, frequent vacuuming can reduce the number of washing the carpet, restore the elasticity and softness of the carpet, and extend its service life. So, what are the matters needing attention in the daily vacuuming of carpets?

1. Hotel carpet vacuuming is generally required once a day in the guest room area; areas with frequent guest activities should be more than three times a day. And the hotel corridor carpet is more important part. Normal vacuum cleaners can be used for vacuuming, but an upright vacuum cleaner should be used regularly to thoroughly remove impurities and grit from the roots of the carpet.

2. Remove large garbage and sharp objects in the area before vacuuming.

3. When vacuuming, suitable vacuum cleaner accessories should be used for vacuuming in the corners and walls of guest rooms or public areas.

4. When vacuuming, it should be done from the inside out, and in a certain order to avoid omissions.

5. Vacuuming should be push-pull type, pushing should be against the fur, pulling should be followed with the fur. This will ensure that the hotel carpet fibers sucked are consistent in the reverse direction, and the carpet will not appear dark side and bright side at the same time after stepping over.

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