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People have more extensive use of carpets out of cleanliness requirements in modern society, so how do we choose hotel carpets?

Ⅰ. What should we notice when choosing hotel rugs?

The pattern and color of hotel rugs should match the style of the hotel room layout, mainly to set off a warm atmosphere and make guests feel at home. In addition, hotel rugs should be selected with good density, wear resistance, good resilience, and burning resistance.

I believe that many people have had the experience of staying in hotels, and they will find that large areas of wall to wall carpets for hospitality are laid in the lobby or corridors of the hotel. Not only can it show that the hotel is relatively high-grade, but it can also make customers feel more comfortable. The hotel carpet has another function: to reduce the noise caused by people walking and keep the hotel quiet and relaxing.

But hotel managers like to use one type of hotel carpet, which makes customers feel very monotonous and does not give people the impression of being eye-catching. A hotel carpet can play a perfect decorative role. Star-rated hotels have high requirements for carpets. Different types of carpet in hotel industry will be selected for different functional areas to improve quality. This article will briefly explain the carpets suited for different functional areas. How to choose can reflect the taste.

The carpet in the hotel lobby must be selected according to the decoration style to avoid the rug's lack of matching the surrounding decoration. The lobby is where customers move more frequently, so be sure to choose carpets with dense piles and high wear resistance. Even if they are used for a long time, they can maintain a certain comfort.

Ⅱ. The choice of hotel carpet needs to be targeted

In the hotel aisle, you need to choose a dirt-resistant carpet that is easy to clean. After all, customers are walking around in the aisle every day, and the soles will inevitably be dusty. Dirty-resistant hotel carpets can reduce cleaning and avoid the fluff stiffening from frequent cleaning.

For the hotel project carpet in the guest room, the requirements are even stricter. After all, customers spend a long time in the guest room. The carpet in the guest room must be comfortable and not necessarily gorgeous, but the touch must be good. Make sure You can feel comfortable with barefoot. Try to choose a color similar to the light, to make the guest room more comfortable.

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