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The office space is the gate of the company, and it is also the place where every employee must work 8 hours a day, so office decoration, style and comfort are indispensable. Moreover, office room carpets are more convincing for improving the office style and creating the comfort of the office environment.

Ⅰ. The benefits of laying carpet in the office

1. Good decorative effect

When decorating the office space, it is a good choice to use conference room rugs, which have a better decorative effect. Its rich pattern and variety of colors can be matched with various office styles, and it is a versatile floor decoration.

2. Reduce sound absorption noise

Blanket is also a material with sound-absorbing and noise-reducing functions. The surface of the carpet is usually composed of many fine fibers. This structure can effectively reduce the reflectivity of sound. Therefore, laying carpets in the office can achieve the effect of sound-absorbing and noise-reducing.

If you notice KTV, you will also find that the floor of the karaoke room is covered with carpets, which is to make full use of the sound-absorbing and noise-reducing functions of the carpets.

3. The insulation effect is good, making the office space warmer

Because of its material and manufacturing process, the blanket has a good heat conduction effect. Putting commercial modern office carpet indoors can make the room warmer.

4. The carpet is safe and has good anti-skid effect

Due to the high coefficient of friction of the carpet, the carpet has good anti-slip performance. Even if it is accidentally dropped, the soft carpet can also play a certain protective role when it falls.

5. Suspended matter can be adsorbed

The fluff on the blanket can absorb and absorb dust particles suspended in the air. Although this function is often criticized by people, in fact, as long as it is well maintained, such as regular cleaning of office room carpets, it can indeed effectively improve the indoor air quality of the office.

Ⅱ. How to choose the office room carpet that suits you?

1. Square carpet: generous composition, rich colors, rich decorative taste, easy to organize, flexible tiling, giving people a sense of fashion.

2. Patchwork carpet: A new type of contemporary commercial carpet that has become popular in recent years. It has small squares and patterns, which can be assembled at will, and can be assembled into an ideal pattern at will.

3. Oval and round carpets: with light patterns and bright colors, they are often placed in the reception area, in front of the single sofa, in the middle of the activity area, etc.

4. Polyvinyl chloride non-slip small square carpet: the bottom is made of special non-slip material polyvinyl chloride, which plays a role of quiet transition, commonly used in toilets and tea rooms.

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