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The sounds will be very loud when enjoying in a cinema or theater. Using commercial cinema carpet can effectively reduce the echo and result in a better effect of films and opera. Multiple style movie theater carpet for sale can add an artistic sense to your theater or cinema. You can also customize your own exclusive cinema room carpet fit to the decoration of yours. Darkness will be unavoidable when watching a movie, movie theater rug, to a great extent will prevent you and your children from injuries when tumbling.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. A simple way to enhance the great experience of digital adventure is to use carpet for cinema room. The special texture of carpets-softness will bring the viewers relaxing feelings and make them more comfortable when entertaining to a great extend. Homedec's movie theater carpet tiles are perfect for private home theater and commercial cinemas, theaters. You can also create a unique statement for your entertaining space. Full freedom of customization allows you to print any patterns in any size.

Commercial Cinema Room Carpet Cases

Providing quality movie theater carpet tiles for customers around the world, our cinema room carpets are well-known for their high quality. Check out the relevant commercial cinema carpet projects we have done below!

  • The Mixc China

    The Mixc China

    The Mixc is a high-quality shopping mall developed by the Fortune 500 company China Resources Group, and a leader in the shopping mall industry in China. Vientiane City advocates "one-stop" consumption and "experiential" shopping, bringing consumers brand-new consumption concepts and life experiences. Cinemas are significant to shopping malls in China. As a leading carpet tiles manufacturer in China, Homedec has been providing carpets for cinema and theatre rooms to cinemas in Misc.

  • Broadway Circuit Hongkong

    Broadway Circuit Hongkong

    Broadway Circuit (Broadway Circuit) is one of Hong Kong's major cinema circuits. The first cinema was established in 1950 and was rebuilt in Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon in 1987, and then gradually developed into one of the largest cinema chains in Hong Kong.



  • Cinema Carpets For Mixc
  • Commercial Cinema Carpet for Broadway Circuit



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Carpet For Cinema Room Ideas & Tips

  • Choose a dark color, for two reasons - one: commercial cinema carpets with dark color can increase the atmosphere of your cinema, and two: dark movie theater carpet tiles have better stain-resistance performance than the light color ones.

  • Choose artificial fiber like Nylon, or polyester. Do not choose the wool fiber. Because if you choose a wool fiber movie theater rug, in many cases, wool will shed, which results in a bad experience for customers.

  • Choose movie theater carpet tiles. Custom printed carpet tiles have the great advantage of flexibility. In cinema,the viewer may eat popcorn and drink juice or soft drink. And the food and drinks may be spilled on the floor. If you use movie theater carpet tiles, you can just pull down the dirty area to wash.

Commercial Cinema Room Carpet Maintenance

Commercial cinema carpets are durable and withstand many different kinds of abuse, but that doesn't mean you should use them as a punching bag. Careful maintenance is crucial to getting the most out of your commercial cinema room carpeting investment.

The best way to maintain your movie theater rug or carpet tile is by vacuuming it regularly. Vacuuming should be done at least twice per week with a high-quality vacuum, such as a commercial vacuum or one made specifically for commercial use. You can also steam clean your commercial cinema carpets every year or so if they're in especially dirty areas like bathrooms or food courts, but this may be too much work for smaller businesses that don't need their carpets cleaned quite as often. It's important to note that frequent vacuuming will help keep dirt from accumulating and prevent buildup in the fibers that could lead to permanent damage over time!

If you have no idea how to make cinema carpet cleaning, you can also find professional carpet cleaning companies for help. Theatre room carpeting is an essential part of any commercial cinema room. It provides a clean, contemporary look that is pleasing to the eye and creates a nice atmosphere for guests. In order to maintain these qualities, carpeting needs proper maintenance and care.

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