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High-end carpet tiles offer much more advantages than you think. With its flexibility, the bulk carpet tiles by Homedec, a professional carpet tiles manufacturer in China, can not only create infinite type possibilities by the different combinations of directions and designs but also offer you ease of maintenance. The great advantage of acoustics is its layered structure, custom printed carpet tiles by Homedec, a reliable carpet tiles supplier with its own carpet tiles factory, specializing in high-end designer carpet tiles, will be the ideal solutions for your office & hotel project, both indoor and outdoor. Color variety of carpet tiles types really matters a lot. Black and white color carpet tiles look simple and concise; dark colors like charcoal grey, deep blue, and dark green create a calm and heavy atmosphere; light color carpet squares like gold and beige tend to make the whole space lively and bright. Homedec provides various custom printed carpet tiles.

There is a wind range of designer carpet tiles to choose from in our exhibition carpet tiles. Homedec always attaches great importance to custom design. You can choose tiles type carpet from our collection and combine them into one design with your preferred angles, highlight zones, and meeting points. We provide high-end checkered carpet tiles looking like wood, eco-friendly soft carpet squares with floral patterns, checkered carpet tiles with a vapor barriers, etc. Other custom carpet squares like decorative woven carpet tiles, soft durable step carpet tiles, and rug squares with thick padding attached to the basement floor are also popular among customers. 

For more individual-oriented piece designs for carpet tiles, high end rugs or wall to wall floor carpets, our professional designers will be of great pleasure to help you with any design you like, whether it's a deep pile carpet tile or a wooden plank effect one. Limitation of designs will be unavoidable in traditional carpets. However, with Homedec's experienced designer and the elasticity of carpet tiles, we can offer you the infinite possibility of your floor space. If you buy our high end carpet tiles for sale in bulk, you will get the most competitive price from us, and thus your cost of area projects will correspondingly be reduced.

Having a mature carpet tiles factory, Homedec provides high-end bulk carpet tiles that are widely used for both commercial and residential purposes. Our custom carpet squares can be commonly seen in places like offices, theaters, classrooms, exhibition halls, and gym centers. Designer carpet tiles are also popular among housewives in terms of their domestic use. We provide a wide range of custom printed carpet tiles for sale for home space: thick ones in the bedroom, washable rug tile for kids or children's room, extra large carpet tiles for living room and carpet tiles for screened porch, waterproof ones in bathroom and kitchen, floating raised carpet square for basement floor, steps, and stairs. Our carpet tiles for sale can be used both indoors and outdoors. Browse them online, and buy bulk carpet tiles, get our cheap carpet tiles price.

Carpet Tile Installation

With its flexibility, the carpet tile installation will be much more easier than the normal carpets. By simple two steps-covering the ground with glue and placing carpet tiles, you can finish your carpet tile installation. We strongly suggest that you shall use the environmentally friendly water-based glue in order to avoid the bad smell.


Carpet tiles come in 1 regular size: 61cmx61cm

Although many cheap&hot-sale types of carpet tiles types in the market use materials like polypropylene, we stick to the Nylon&Polyester because Homedec, as a leading carpet tiles manufacturer in China, will be always committed to the high-end market. With cushion or PVC backing, we want to ensure you with a better floor experience.

Bulk Carpet Tiles For Commercial

  • Premium Material

    • Raw Material: 100% Polyester/100% Nylon

    • Backing: PVC/CUSHION

    • Dehydration Supplier: Dow's Chemical

    • Indoor Climate: A Level

  • Features

    • Size: 61cmX61cm/Tile

    • Pile Weight: 400G/600G/㎡

    • Structure: Loop Pile

  • Care Instruction

    • Use a vacuum cleaner for daily dust cleaning.

    • Gently clean the surface by hand, then rinse the detergent with running water.

  • Premium Quality

    • Non-Shedding

    • High-Pile Weight

    • Strong-Durability

    • Family&Pet Friendly

  • Method Of Sales

    • Personal

    • Retailer

    • Wholesaler

    • Commercial

Custom Carpet Tiles FROM LANDS-Array Fragments

Custom Carpet Tiles FROM LANDS-Array Fragments

The texture of the surface of an object. Different textures have different material propertoes and therefore have different muscle forms, such as stems, wet, smooth, rough, bright&dark, soft&hard, whose variations in the texture form are given by nature. These are astounding elements for your space, by using the elements of irregular, abstract, the art of balance to convey a rich and modern pattern effect.

Explore Our Solutions

Exhibition Carpet Tiles

  • checkered carpet tiles from homedec

    checkered carpet tiles from homedec

  • checkered carpet tiles

    checkered carpet tiles

  • custom carpet squares from homedec

    custom carpet squares from homedec

  • custom carpet squares

    custom carpet squares

  • custom printed carpet tiles

    custom printed carpet tiles

  • deep pile carpet tiles

    deep pile carpet tiles

  • designer carpet tiles

    designer carpet tiles

  • extra large carpet tiles

    extra large carpet tiles

  • high end carpet tiles

    high end carpet tiles

Why Choose Homedec As Your Carpet Tiles Supplier ?

In the field of carpet tile production, our company has unique advantages and capabilities. We will continue to focus on providing high-quality, innovative and customized carpet tiles and services to meet customer needs and expectations. We believe that our designer carpet tiles will become the highlight and focus of your commercial area.

  • Fast Delivery

    We have an efficient production and logistics system that can quickly respond to customer needs and complete production and delivery in the shortest time possible. Whether it's small-scale orders or large-scale projects, we can guarantee on-time delivery.

  • Design And Production Capability

    Our company has an experienced design and production team that can customize and produce checkered carpet tiles in different styles and specifications according to customer needs and market trends. Whether it's rectangular, square, or striped, colorful or single-color, we can provide professional design and production services according to your requirements.

  • Material Selection And Quality Control

    We are very strict in the selection of materials, and only high-quality raw materials that have been screened multiple times will be used for production. In addition, our production process has undergone strict quality control, and every batch of products will undergo multiple inspections to ensure that the final product quality meets international standards.

Custom Made Carpet




Custom Printed Carpet Tiles FAQs

  • What Are Carpet Tiles Made Of?

    Our bulk carpet tiles currently have three qualities to choose from: Nylon, Polyester, and Polypropylene.

  • How Big Are Carpet Tiles For Sale?

    Our regular checkered carpet tiles size: 50X50CM,61X61CM.

  • How Many Carpet Tiles Come In A Box?

    Our bulk carpet tiles for sale will be packed carefully and put in pallets.

  • Are Carpet Tiles Durable?

    Yes, our designer carpet tiles for commercial use have great performance in durability. As a leading carpet tiles manufacturer in China, Homedec insists to use superior fiber to increase durability. Therefore, you can use our tiles-type carpets in heavy-traffic places: hotels, offices, lobbies, etc.

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