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There must be a corridor in the villa. Today, how should the carpet be laid in the corridor?

1. Why do corridor carpets need to be laid in the corridor?

There is a lot of traffic in the corridor area, so laying corridor carpet can protect the floor and reduce noise. In addition, the corridor is usually the connection point of the space. The corridor carpet is used to guide and increase the visual appeal. The space with a sense of extension will feel larger.

The corridor carpet of the villa only needs to meet three points:

First, it is beautiful. Many villas enter the door through a porch and corridor. The corridor carpet here is the facade of the villa, and it is the first carpet you can see when you enter the door. Even if the corridor is not at the door of the villa, the corridor carpet generally has walking guide lines. The role also needs to look better.

Second, it is practical. The corridor is a place with a large flow of people. The carpets in the areas where people move around must be wear-resistant.

Third, adjust the sense of space. The corridor area is generally narrow and long, and the light is relatively dark. The choice of corridor carpet must be able to adjust these shortcomings of the corridor space, for example, banquet hall carpet.

Ⅱ. How to match corridor carpets in different corridors?

1. For narrow corridors, you can choose striped carpets. Striped carpets can automatically extend people's vision to the end of the corridor, thereby weakening the shortcoming of narrow corridors.

2. If the floor pattern of the corridor is beautiful and complex, then the pattern selection of the corridor carpet can be relatively simple, and the solid color corridor carpet is the best. In this way, the carpet will not conflict with the color of the floor, and it is good to play a supporting role quietly.

3. If your corridor floor has a single color, you can choose a corridor carpet with patterns to refresh the ground,like multi colored patterned carpet.

4. If there is furniture in the corridor, the carpet can be selected according to the furniture. For example, the color of the carpet is consistent with the color of the sofa.

5. The corridor is also a place where you can have a sense of hierarchy. If you have a unique personality, the choice of corridor carpets can be completely opposite to the corridor environment, creating a sense of conflict and drama, so a banquet carpet would be very suitable.

6. If the corridor of your house has a particularly large flow of people, you can choose a dark carpet, which is more resistant to dirt.

7. If the design of the corridor is relatively bright, then the corridor carpet does not have to be particularly dark, and you can choose bright colors' carpet like modern beige carpet to coordinate with the entire space.

8. Distressed or antique handmade rugs are great for hallways because they look used and are perfect for busy hallways.

Ⅲ. How to choose the size of the corridor carpet?

The width of the modern corridor carpet ensures that there is a certain distance between the two sides of the carpet and the wall, generally 10-15 cm. Of course, this distance can be changed according to your own preferences.

The length of the hallway carpet is determined by the length of the hallway. If the hallway is very long, consider laying multiple hallway carpets instead of one. In fact, laying multiple corridor carpets will make the space look more casual, warm and hospitable.

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