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Ⅰ. Hotel carpets should be maintained in time

Vacuuming is the most basic work of hotel carpet maintenance and must be done every day. It is best to vacuum each part twice, the first time sucking against the pile of the carpet, although the force is strong, it can vacuum thoroughly, and the second time sucking along the pile of the carpet can restore the original pile orientation of the carpet to avoid pile disorder, resulting in carpet color difference. It should be emphasized that no matter how many times the carpet is vacuumed, the last time must be sucked along the pile head.

The vacuuming of luxury hospitality carpet in public areas should use vacuuming equipment with rotary pile vibrators for daily vacuuming and cleaning. The vibrator usually includes one or more brush strips to more effectively remove dust from surfaces or deep within the carpet. Hotel carpets should be vacuumed thoroughly every day from the day they are used, and there must be no thought of vacuuming them thoroughly tomorrow. Once the dust accumulates, it is difficult to remove it by daily vacuuming.

The carpet is a woolen textile, and it has been sheared in the post-processing process. It is normal for a new carpet to have a small amount of floating hair and shearing hair. Therefore, the new carpet should be vacuumed twice a day, once in the morning and evening, and the floating hair phenomenon can be eliminated after one month.

Ⅱ. Hotel carpet cleaning

Regular washing of wall to wall carpets for hospitality in different areas can restore the original appearance of the carpets and prolong their service life. There are two basic methods of carpet cleaning, one is dry cleaning and the other is wet cleaning. Whichever method you choose to wash your carpet, it should only be done by well-trained professionals.

1. Dry cleaning

There are two methods of dry cleaning carpets:

①Foam dry cleaning is the most common foam cleaning on the carpet surface. The foam dry cleaning machine uses a rotating brush and an implanted wet vacuum suction head to spray a large amount of detergent on the pile of the carpet surface. After cleaning the pile with detergent, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the washing foam and suspended dust.

②Dry extraction and removal method: This method is to spray the mixture of solvent, emulsifier, water and detergent on the surface of the carpet through manual or distribution containers. After being brushed into the hotel carpet pile by washing equipment for 30 minutes of spin washing, the lotion and dust are sucked away.

Dry cleaning belongs to surface cleaning, which can effectively restore the cleanliness of the carpet surface, but it does not remove the dirt hidden deep in the carpet, so it must be cleaned thoroughly.

2. Wet cleaning

When the oily and viscous substances of the carpet are obviously gathered, and the accumulation of dust and dirt has affected the color of the carpet and the resilience of the carpet pile, and the dry cleaning method cannot eradicate it, the carpet should be wet-cleaned, that is, thoroughly cleaned.

There are two methods of wet cleaning carpets:

①Spray suction cleaning method: This method is to spray hot water and detergent onto the hotel carpet under pressure, and under the action of water and detergent, use a carpet washing machine with rotating or oscillating brushes to separate the dirt from the fibers and suck it away.

②Steam cleaning method: This is a very effective method of removing the dirt embedded in the carpet pile and the dirt on the surface of the carpet, and the most thorough carpet washing method. Also known as extraction cleaning. Use a special steam dry cleaning carpet machine to release a steam solvent mixed with water and cleaning solution to spray on the carpet. After being agitated by a mechanical oscillating brush, the dirt is separated from the carpet fibers and suspended in the solvent and removed by the implanted vacuum suction head.

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