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1. Use a vacuum cleaner for daily carpet clearing

Carpet fluff is easy to accumulate dust. Vacuum cleaner is a good helper to deal with carpet dust. You can use a vertical vacuum cleaner to clean a large area of carpet, which is the first step of dust removal; Then lift the hand-held vacuum cleaner, and carefully handle the places with serious dust fall, such as under the tea table, corner and edge of the bed, so as to make the secondary cleaning easy and thorough. The use of vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet must be  regularly scheduled quantitative in a persistent way. If you ignore the dust for a long time, the carpet surface will change color and deteriorate. Once there are mildew spots, it will be too late to clean.

2. Dry cloth to remove stains

For stains caused by drinks such as coffee, coke or juice, you need to absorb moisture as soon as possible with a dry cloth or tissue that you can get at hand. Then, immediately go to the kitchen to get the vinegar to wet dry cloth. Then carefully and gently pat. In this way, the stain can be removed.

3. Remove peculiar smell with warm water and vinegar

Wet the towel with 4 liters of warm water and 4 cups of vinegar. Dry and wipe the carpet like this. Vinegar can not only eliminate pet odor, but also prevent carpet discoloration or fading. Then, after wiping, put the carpet in a well ventilated place to dry. Similarly, the odor produced by long-term use of carpet can also be removed by this method.

4. Steam sauna carpet clearing

With the special steam sauna carpet clearing machine, the water is turned into a high temperature of 200 ℃. With high temperature and high pressure, the dirt is separated and the carpet is sterilized at high temperature.

5. Change the position of carpet frequently

After using the home theater carpet tiles for a period of time, it's better to change the position to make it wear evenly. Once there are concave and convex in some places, you should tap them gently. You can also use steam iron or hot towel to press them gently. If the carpet has rough hair, it should be cleaned with a clean towel soaked in hot water, combed straight with a comb, and ironed with an iron pad with a wet cloth to restore the original state. If the carpet needs to be stored temporarily, it should be cleaned up and disinfected with detergent. Then blow it dry in the shade, pat the dust off and sprinkle some insect repellent on the carpet. Roll it up against the fiber direction. Remember not to beat the carpet on the hard ground for the sake of saving trouble, causing damage to the warp and weft lines of the carpet. Finally, seal it with plastic bags and place it in a well ventilated and dry place. In addition, the carpet must not be stored in the open air, otherwise the carpet may be damaged by insects or faded by the sunlight.

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