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Before buying an area rug, everyone has such confusion, wool area rugs feel soft and silk area rugs feel smooth, so should you buy handmade wool area rugs? Or a handmade silk area rug? Then we must first understand the difference between wool area rugs and silk area rugs.

Wool has always been a high-quality raw material for weaving area rugs, and wool area rugs come in a wide variety, including modern minimalist patterns and traditional patterns, while silk area rugs are mostly classic and refined traditional patterns. The main reason is that the cost of silk is much higher than that of wool, followed by the fact that wool fibers are thicker than silk.

As for handmade area rugs on sale, anyone who knows them knows that quantity determines the precision of handmade area rugs. The higher the quantity, the more delicate the pattern, of course, the more time-consuming and the higher the value. That's why handmade silk area rugs are mostly classic and delicate traditional patterns that were not so easily outdated in that era.

1. From the thickness of the area rugs

The thickness of handmade wool area rugs is about 1cm, while the thickness of handmade silk area rugs is usually 4-6mm. At the same time, the higher the quantity of handmade silk area rugs, the thinner the thickness, the higher the value. After all, rarity is expensive!

2. From the gloss of the area rugs

Handmade wool area rugs are matte, while handmade silk area rugs have a sparkling effect in the sun, and from different angles, the colorful area rugs surface will be different.

3. From the feel of the area rugs

Handmade wool area rugs feel soft and elastic, especially New Zealand wool, compared to Chinese wool, wool has longer fibers and a softer texture, that's why handmade wool area rugs choose New Zealand wool, handmade silk area rugs feel smooth. In particular, the higher the handmade silk area rugs, the smoother it feels.

4. From the price of the area rugs

First of all, the cost of silk mentioned above is more expensive than wool, and silk has finer fibers than wool. If you want to weave a beautiful area rug, it will consume relatively waste materials and time, and its quantity will be relatively high, which is also the key factor for the price of handmade silk area rugs higher than handmade wool area rugs.

At present, the number of ordinary handmade wool area rugs on the market is about 100, including 120-200 handmade wool from Iran and Turkey, and about 240-360 handmade silk area rugs.

Therefore, if you want to invest in collections, handmade silk area rugs are definitely the first choice, especially high-density ones, and the floor rugs for sale will only become more and more expensive. Of course, handmade wool area rugs with classic patterns and high number of tracks can also be used as investment collections, no less than handmade silk area rugs.

For handmade area rugs, whether it is a purchase or a collection investment, the higher the silk content, the higher the price.

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