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How to keep rugs clean every day

The advantages of rugs are many, such as good elasticity, beauty, sound absorption, and so on. However, if there is still a long-haired rug in the room in summer, it feels a bit uncomfortable. Therefore, many households consider temporarily storing the rug and letting them work when winter comes.

Although the biggest drawback of rugs is that they are a bit troublesome to manage, as long as dust is cleaned up in time and maintained properly, the service life of rugs is still quite long.

Decontamination tips:

  • Tea, coffee, soy sauce, or beer stains: You can use rug special cleaning agents, borax solutions, or detergents to remove them. Brush repeatedly with a brush, then rinse with clean water.

  • Tomato sauce, sauce and other viscous substances: Use absorbent objects with strong water absorption, such as paper towels, to absorb the stains and clean them repeatedly with a brush. Rinse with clean water.

  • Egg white, milk, ice cream and other fat substances: Wash with warm water and detergent, and then use special volatile oil removers to remove fat. Reminder: Do not use hot water. Because protein hardens easily under heat, it is not easy to remove dirt and can also cause the rug to deform.

The life of rugs is closely related to daily maintenance

Rugs were once considered expensive luxury goods. Now, with people's pursuit of high-quality life, they frequently appear in commercial and household applications. However, many people still think that rugs are not only troublesome to manage, but also worry that their service life as floor textiles is too short and causes cost waste.

The cost of the rug's life cycle. The cost of the rug's life cycle is the total cost of the rug's basic manufacturing costs, installation costs, extra expenses during maintenance, and maintenance costs divided by the number of years the rug is used up. The life of a rug depends mainly on the degree of its appearance being acceptable.

The maintenance and cost of rugs. The service life of rugs is influenced by many factors, such as the quality of rug manufacturing, fibers, texture, type, color, pattern, soft pad, frequency of use, usage requirements, and so on. It can be seen that correct maintenance methods are so important for extending the life of rugs.

If there is a lack of a detailed rug maintenance plan or only occasional maintenance is carried out, the degree of appearance wear and tear will certainly be faster and more severe than that of rugs that receive daily care, and the cost of maintenance and repair will change at any time.

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