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1. Office floor carpet can improve work efficiency and concentration

In an open office environment, noise will increase the work pressure of employees and reduce productivity. In school, teenagers and children are also easily distracted by environmental noise, which leads to a decrease in concentration. In a hospital environment, noise is often proven to be the main cause of low patient satisfaction.

Noise is a disadvantage to all aspects of performance, so it is necessary to take measures to reduce noise. Office-grade carpets can effectively reduce airborne noise and structural noise, and minimize the destructive effects of HVAC systems, conversation sounds, and external noise.

The noise absorbed by the back of the soft office floor carpet is more than 50% higher than that of the hard floor material. At the same time, choosing an office carpet with an open-pore molecular structure material can also significantly improve the acoustics of the space.

2. Office floor carpet can reduce slips and falls

Slips and falls are the main cause of injuries in many schools and communities where the elderly live. In the United States alone, the school system spends approximately $74 billion on non-sports-related injuries each year. In these injury accidents, as many as 40% are caused by falls, so the effect of your choice of floor coverings in improving safety, reducing litigation and injury accidents cannot be underestimated.

Compared with common floor coverings with hard surfaces, the office grade carpet help reduce slips and falls, and at the same time reduce related personal injuries.

The friction of the office room carpet is much higher than that of products such as vinyl laminate flooring (VCT), and its effect is particularly significant after cleaning or after being covered by rain or snow.

Only 17% of slips on office carpets resulted in injuries, while 46% of slips on hard surfaces resulted in personal injury. The two are in sharp contrast.

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