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According to career psychologists, choosing the right color combination for the office carpet is an important factor to consider, as different color combinations have a close relationship with mood.

Vibrant red can make people excited, while blue can make them calm; people feeling depressed can easily feel passion in red, and feel more depressed and lonely in blue. Therefore, the color combination of the office is not to be underestimated, as it can affect mood and work efficiency. So, how can we use the color combination of the office carpet to make people feel happy and improve work efficiency?

Use light colors for low and short office carpets

First, the office building itself may have some problems that need to be solved with color. Old office buildings have small office spaces, but the rooms are very high, which can create a sense of empty and coldness; while new office buildings have large office spaces but the room is low, where many people work in one big room, which can create a sense of crowding and oppression. Therefore, using color to adjust the discomfort caused by the building itself is necessary.

Older office buildings usually have deep brown wooden walls, and different carpet color combinations can make people feel contracted when using dark colors. Deep brown is also a suppressing color, therefore, light colors are more suitable for walls, while dark colors are preferable for the ground, to avoid a top-heavy feeling.

In newer office buildings, light and elegant colors are more suitable, as light colors can give people a sense of expansion, making the office look bigger and taller. Light blue and light green, such as green striped stair carpets, are both good colors for the ground, but it is best not to use beige, as it can make people feel sleepy and can look old if there is dust.

Use bright colors for office carpets in the creative department

The nature of the work of staff is also a factor to consider when designing color schemes. For offices that require staff to work meticulously and steadily, such as research institutions, plain color carpet is suitable; for offices that require staff to be imaginative and engage in frequent discussions, such as the creative planning department, bright color or multi-colored patterned carpet can be used as embellishment, stimulating employees' imagination.

Use warm colors for office carpets in shady areas

An office with plenty of sunshine can make people feel happy, while some offices are in the shade or even without windows, making people feel cold, and relying on artificial light sources. Therefore, such offices should avoid using cool colors, while colors like burgundy, India red, and orange can make people feel warm.

Moreover, walls should not use colors with strong reflection, otherwise, employees will feel tired and lacking in energy due to the stimulating light, which can reduce work efficiency.

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