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Carpet is widely used in hotels not only in guest rooms, but also in restaurants and conference rooms because of its beauty, safety, comfort, cleanliness, sound absorption, and insulation. However, rugs are hard to maintain and improper care can cause irreversible damage. Carpet cleaning is a highly skilled job and hotels should have dedicated carpet cleaning personnel who have undergone strict training before they can operate independently. So, what are the daily cleaning methods for conference carpet? Let's take a look.

Vacuuming the conference carpet

Thorough vacuuming is the most important work in maintaining rugs. Vacuuming not only removes surface dust, but also removes gravel buried deep in the carpet to prevent them from cutting fibers at the root due to friction when people walk on the carpet. Regular vacuuming can reduce the number of times rugs are washed and restore the elasticity and softness of the carpet, extending its life.

  • Vacuuming of rugs in guest rooms is required daily. In areas where guests are more active (such as lobbies, restaurants, etc.), vacuuming is required at least three times a day. High-quality vacuum cleaners with strong suction should be used to thoroughly remove impurities, gravel, etc from the root of the carpet.

  • Larger garbage and sharp objects should be cleared from the area before vacuuming.

  • During vacuuming, the corners and walls of guest rooms or public areas should be cleaned carefully.

  • Vacuuming should be carried out in a certain order to avoid omissions.

  • Push-pull vacuuming should be used, with pushing against the grain and pulling with the grain to ensure that the carpet fibers are aligned, preventing the carpet from having an uneven appearance.

Stain removal on the conference carpet

When stains are found on the rug in daily work, immediate local cleaning should be carried out. Hotel staff can designate personnel responsible for local carpet cleaning work.

1. Dilute the carpet cleaner with a 1:10-15 ratio in a spray bottle.

2. Spray the carpet cleaner onto the carpet to be treated according to the depth of the stain.

3. After waiting for a moment, brush with a brush and then use a highly absorbent dry cloth to remove the dirty water from the carpet (brush around the stain to avoid spreading it).

4. If a heavily soiled area is not completely cleaned in one pass, repeat the above method.

Surface cleaning of the conference carpet

Only the surface of the conference room carpets, up to 2-3mm, is cleaned to maintain the carpet's appearance without frequent wet cleaning.

Method: Clean with a flat brush needle roller and wool pad (choosing a roller with water running out of the periphery).

1. First, pour the pre-determined liquid into the water tank.

2. Wet the wool pad in the water and brush it on the carpet (do not add more water).

3. When the wool pad is dirty, flip it over but do not add water to avoid further contamination.

4. When both sides of the wool pad are dirty, replace it and repeat steps 2 and 3. (The wool pad can be reused and simply rinsed with water.) Guest rooms are usually cleaned monthly, but the cleaning time for public areas should be determined based on traffic volume.

Deep cleaning of the conference carpet

Cleaning time: Star-rated hotels should do a deep cleaning of the hotel project carpet every 3-4 months and at most every six months. Normally, the number of dry cleanings should be determined flexibly based on carpet usage frequency.

The carpet shampooing procedure in hotel as follows:

1. Before cleaning the carpet, furniture and items in the area should be removed or relocated.

2. Thoroughly vacuum the carpet to be cleaned.

3. Check if there are any stains on the carpet. If there are, remove them first.

4. Mix the carpet cleaner according to the 1:30 ratio and fill it in the liquid container of the carpet cleaning machine.

5. During cleaning, strictly follow the machine's instructions or requirements and design a cleaning route from inward to outward to avoid omissions.

6. After wet cleaning, use a water-absorbing machine to completely remove the dirty water from the carpet to facilitate drying.

7. Use a carpet brush to brush the carpet fibers in the opposite direction, making them more elastic.

8. Open the window for ventilation;

9. Vacuum the carpet with an upright vacuum cleaner after it dries.

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