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Carpets have various shapes, sizes, different colors and designs, and are made of various materials. Therefore, it takes a lot of work to choose a suitable carpet. However, in addition to design, it is also important to note whether the carpet materials meet your family needs. Here, we list some carpet texture, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Wool carpet

If you read the history of carpets, you will know that at first all carpets were made of wool. Wool carpet is one of the softest. Traditionally, they are hand woven, which makes them unique, sophisticated and expensive. With proper maintenance, these carpets can be used for several years. Wall to wall wool carpets are very durable and can be placed in crowded areas, such as living rooms or bedrooms. They add comfort to the interior.

Advantages: they are durable and have natural resilience.

Disadvantages: these carpets are a little expensive and easy to fluff.

2. Silk carpet

Silk carpet is extremely luxurious in the fabric category. They can be made of 100% silk or blended with hand knotted wool. Silk carpet is usually thin and soft, and it is one of the most expensive carpets in the world. Fine fiber makes them delicate. It can be used in living room or bedroom to add charming texture.

Advantages: because silk of carpet texture belongs to mineral wool, these carpets will not deform. In terms of wholesome design homedec, silk carpets look like works of art. The pattern is more complicated because there are more knots per square inch.

Disadvantages: as we all know, silk carpet is very expensive. Because they are very valuable, they need professional cleaning.

3. Cotton carpet

If you are looking for a lightweight carpet that can add a little refreshing feeling to the room, it must be cotton carpet. Cotton carpets are usually plain woven or hand woven. Because they are easy to move, you can change them often according to the weather or mood. Cotton carpet brings people a very casual atmosphere, so it should be placed in the informal room with relaxed environment.

Advantages: these carpets are durable and easy to dye, so they can be customized in a variety of colors and patterns.

Disadvantages: cotton carpet is easy to fade, and not resistant to dirt.

4. Synthetic carpet

As the name suggests, they are made of man-made fibers, such as nylon, polypropylene, viscose and polyester. These synthetic decorative carpet tiles are usually machine-made, can be customized to different shapes, colors and patterns, and they are very affordable.

Advantages: synthetic carpet is cheap.

Disadvantages: not environmentally friendly.

5. Imitation leather carpet

The artificial leather carpet can make the decoration more delicate and completely change the feeling of a space. Because they can keep warm, they can be laid in houses in cold areas. They are usually made of acrylic acid or different synthetic mixtures and are usually woven. Artificial leather is easy to wear and tear, so it should be placed in the place with less people flow in the house.

Advantages: they are soft and durable. Because they are man-made, they are easy to clean. They have excellent thermal insulation, so they are suitable for cold climates.

Disadvantages: these carpets are not ideal for hot and humid weather. They are very eye-catching, so they need to be carefully matched with the decoration.

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