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Area rug is the darling of the home decoration industry. It is not only beautiful in appearance but also has strong practical performance. Area rug can play the role of moisture-proof and vacuuming. There are many manufacturers on the market, and the types and materials of products are different. Buyers are easily dazzled when they choose to buy, and the prices of square area rugs are also different. So how to match area rugs when decorating the home??

1. The choice of bedroom area rug

For different rooms, you need to choose area rugs with different materials, and the bedroom needs to create a warm atmosphere. You can choose warm colors, such as warm orange or pastel colors, like modern beige carpet. If you want to pursue comfort, you can choose area rug with long fluff.

Before buying, you can slide your hand against the root of the blanket to check whether the area rug is lint. The decoration in the bedroom is relatively simple, it can be covered with area rugs, and the baby at home can also play in the bedroom barefoot, and the baby will not hurt if it falls.

2. The choice of living room area rug

The area rug in the living room needs to be low-key and generous. If the number of guests is relatively large, try to choose a thick and wear-resistant square area rug, such as chemical fiber materials. The color selection should consider the overall decoration style, multi colored patterned carpet is a good choice. And try not to choose wool area rugs, which is inconvenient to clean.

The area laid in the living room does not need to be too large. You only need to lay a small blanket on the sofa, and try to choose a material that is easier to clean.

3. The choice of kitchen area rug

Try not to lay square area rugs in the kitchen. After all, the stains in the kitchen are difficult to clean. If it is stained on the area rug, it is difficult to clean up. Of course, you can also choose some darker area rugs or area rugs made of chemical fiber materials. The laying area should avoid the dining table and avoid blocking the push and pull of chairs. Custom printed carpet tiles would be a good choice.

4. The choice of hotel area rug

The selection of hotel square rugs allows you to choose the right rug from a wide variety of rugs.

If you choose to lay a large area of the channel, try to choose chemical fiber and blended area rugs, because the hotel passenger flow is relatively large, and the wear resistance of the product is relatively high. The above two area rugs have relatively good wear resistance and the service life is relatively long..

Another advantage is that it is not easy to absorb water, and it has the effect of moisture-proof and mildew-proof in the channel. The effect is better in the south. The humidity in the rainy season in the south is too high, and the moisture-proof effect of chemical fiber area rugs is better.

If the operating budget of the hotel is relatively small, the square area rug of polyester chemical fiber can be used. The advantage is that the cost is relatively low. Although the comfort is not very good, after all, hotel customers walk in shoes, so there is no problem with poor rebound performance.

The comfort performance of wool area rugs is relatively high, but it is more troublesome to clean and the cost is relatively expensive, so it is not recommended for general hotels to use wool area rugs as hotel project carpet. High-star presidential suites can use wool area rugs, which can not only provide a comfortable environment for VIPs,  but also reflect the extraordinary taste of the hotel.

Square area rugs in different functional areas should have different patterns and types, and one type of area rug cannot be used uniformly. An area rug with a beautiful appearance and appropriate lighting can give customers a different accommodation experience.

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