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Designers must pay attention to the relationship between the colour, pattern, and form of hotel carpet design and the hotel's indoor environment and background. The colour of hotel carpets should be consistent with the overall tone of the hotel's indoor environment, reasonably matched with the colours of wallpaper and wallboards, and compared with furniture, textiles, and furnishings.

Ⅰ. The relationship between hotel carpet design and hotel overall space 

The hotel carpet design is configured according to different types of hotels. According to star hotels, business boutique hotels themed hotels and resort hotels. There are apparent differences in the intentions and methods of interior design and decoration. Hotel carpet design has become an essential part of creating hotel-style features.

First, the hotel carpet is unified with the hotel's overall design; secondly, the hotel carpet pattern is unified with the overall space style to achieve the purpose of changing the environment and enhancing the taste.

If each colour of the modern hotel carpet can be more or less echoed with the walls, furniture, fabrics, and furnishings, it will achieve an overall harmonious state.

Different carpet weaving methods can get different feelings. For example, public business spaces can choose solid-coloured carpets or dark-patterned carpets with strong textures; guest rooms should choose high-pile rugs to improve the softness and specifications of hotel carpets.

The contemporary commercial carpet is fully spread or used in combination with the hard pavement to form one of the six interfaces of the hotel space, and it is also the most perceived surface. The luxury commercial carpet's material, texture, and pattern colour can be directly touched and perceived by people—the taste and temperament of the hotel.

Ⅱ. The importance of hotel carpet design at present

Carpets are one of the earliest handicrafts of humanity, representing human civilization, carrying the nation, folklore, and folk art, leaving us with cultural memories. As an essential carrier of interior space design, carpet corresponds to the overall environment, conveys the designer's design concept, and enhances the art of space.

The hotel project carpet design conveys humanistic feelings and distinctive artistic propositions. At present, carpet has been incorporated into the furnishing design system in the design of star hotels and boutique hotels, and it is an essential manifestation of added value.

The hotel carpet design is an essential part of hotel interior architectural design. Hotel carpet application are mentioned at the level of large design. It directly or indirectly affects the effect of the entire hotel space design. Therefore, hotel carpet design becomes critical.

In foreign countries, the use of modern corridor carpet is basically implemented under the concept of "integrating with the hotel's cultural atmosphere". The category, pattern, texture, and colour of hotel carpet for sale driven by modern aesthetic concepts and orientations, have entered the overall hotel system design. Rugs are widely used in star hotels, boutique hotels, theme hotels, and hotel public spaces. For example, the lobby carpet, banquet carpet, corridors carpet and guest rooms’carpet. 

Quietness and comfort are the two primary criteria for measuring the quality of hotel rooms. Hotel carpets' sound-absorbing and noise-reducing function reduce the noise caused by friction between people and the ground. At the same time, the softness of the carpet surface gives people a nice and comfortable feeling. As a hotel paving, the colour and material of the carpet provide enough space for configuration. 

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