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HomeDec Carpet is committed to creating a sustainable world, and our sustainability concept has always been a pioneer in the carpet industry. Sustainable carpets should comply with 3 points: green yarn, recycling of materials, energy saving and reducing environmental pollution. The greening of yarns not only refers to the green choice of yarns, that is, the choice of environmentally friendly and legal natural materials in the design, but also can reduce the use of materials or avoid the use of materials without affecting the basic function and strength.Through recycling, all materials and components in the product can be recycled for use in new products or new processes, thereby avoiding any waste. Therefore, in the initial stage of product design, designers should fully consider the possibility of recycling their parts, and achieve the purpose of recycling through existing technological processing methods and processes. When designing the interior space, designers need to consider the production consumption in the manufacturing process, reduce energy consumption,reduce production processes,and improve energy efficiency.

Your Choice Matters
From Waste To The Perfection

From Waste To The Perfection

Sustainability Manifesto

With the increase of pollution worldwide and the negative impact of petrochemical raw materials on the environment,HomeDec Carpet wants to make a sustainable contribution to the world.At HomeDec Carpets, we are rewriting the industry standards and rethinking how quality and sustainability can be combined.Therefore we provide you with a choice of sustainable materials based on the original product system. Sorona Yarn From Dupont(37% Biodegradable materials),100% Regenerated Nylon Yarn,100% Regenerated PP.By 2030, we will replace all product lines with renewable materials.



As the first chinese company to sign an exclusive strategic agreement with DuPont, Homedec has taken the first step towards sustainability. We can exclusively authorize the use of Sorona's trademarks and information. Sorona® carpet has incredible properties in terms of sustainability, stain resistance and lodging resistance.


Introduction to Renewable Processes

Chemical technology, material science and engineering are very critical to the manufacture of renewable products, on the basis of meeting customer needs without sacrificing the performance and cost of materials. Sorona Yarn owns 37% renewable materials. Its raw materials come from the seeds of traditional crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat, sugar cane and other seeds. Using these sustainable crop products, we carry out carbon-water separation, oil and protein separation. Bacteria decompose crops into small molecular raw materials, which are heated and chemically react with other components, and finally produce value-added products.

  • Harvest feedstock

    Harvest feedstock

  • Ferment sugar into Bio-PDO

    Ferment sugar into Bio-PDO

  • Add TPA to Bio-PDO to produce Sorona

    Add TPA to Bio-PDO to produce Sorona

  • Fibers and  fabrics created with Sorona

    Fibers and fabrics created with Sorona

  • Silk like chiffon saree made with Sorona

    Silk like chiffon saree made with Sorona

Environmental Benefits Provided By Sorona®

Compared with nylon 6, Sorona's advantages

  • Uses 30% less energy

    Uses 30% less energy

  • Reduces greenhouse gas  emissions by 63%

    Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 63%

Compared with nylon 66, Sorona's advantages

  • Use 40% less energy

    Use 40% less energy

  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas  Emissions by 57%

    Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 57%

*The environmental benefits of Sorona® are supported by peer-reviewed,third-party Life Cycle Analysis conducted according to IOS standards.

Sorona® Recognized For Sustainability In Design

Sorona® Recognized For Sustainability In Design

Earn LEED® points for carpet in the following categories

Materials and Resources (MR): Rapidly Renewable Materials

Materials and Resources (MR): Regional Materials

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ): Low Emitting Materials-Carpet

Sorona®is one of the first 11 products approved to use the new BioPreferredlabel for certified bio-based products by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Excellent Performance


Carpets made by Sorona® can withstand greater traffic

Stain Resistance

Carpet made by  Sorona®stands up to the toughest stains Sorona®

Fast Dry

Sorona® carpet dries 15% faster than nylon 6 and 10% faster than nylon 66. Sorona® Carpet has better and more natural antibacterial and antifungal effects.


  • Soft

  • Less Odor

  • Better UV Resistance

  • Various Dyeing Methods

  • Renewable Resource Fiber

  • GHG Emission Reduced By 63%

  • Natural&Permanent Antifouling

  • Energy Consumption Reduced By 30%,

  • Dry Faster, More Mildew-Proof, Anti-Bacterial

Excellent Performance
100% Regenerated Nylon Carpets&Rugs
100% Regenerated Nylon Carpets&Rugs

Through the recycling of discarded fishing nets, fabric waste, carpets and industrial waste or marine garbage and waste plastics from landfills. This new type of recycled nylon yarn has passed the LEED certification (Leading Energy and Environmental Certification). At the same time, this yarn is currently the only fiber in the world that is spun entirely using recycled plastic. HomeDec Carpet will use 100% Regenerated Yarn on the carpet , and its environmental protection has been widely recognized.

The unique recycling technology can ensure that the performance of the polymer remains unchanged, and the characteristics of the original polymer are maintained, creating a nylon fiber that can be recycled indefinitely.

Regenerated Yarn Carpets&Rugs
  • Sustainable Carpets&Rugs
  • Sustainable Carpets&Rugs

Regenerated Yarn Carpets&Rugs

There are two types of carpets with renewable yarns: one is nylon 6, which is mainly derived from various plastics using nylon 6 materials. Because nylon 6 has a relatively simple molecular structure, it becomes easier to recycle, such as our common fishing nets and plastic films. The other is nylon 66. The material mainly comes from various plastic products made of nylon 66. For example, many plastics used in automobiles are made of nylon 66. Nylon 66 is better than nylon 6. It has a higher melting point and better abrasion resistance, making it more suitable for car blankets.



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