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How to choose the carpet? Harmonizing the floor color and the style of the room decorations will improve the overall visual effect of the room. We should also pay closer attention on some relevant contents when choosing the area rugs, such as what kinda of the carpet color will go well with everything, the carpet color needs to match with the color of the furniture and wall, to make the effect better. What is the technique to choose the carpet? There are many different knowledge of purchasing the area rugs for your reference and understanding, let's take a look here.

1. Check carpet exterior quality

Regardless of any technique of purchasing the area rugs, to observe the appearance of the area rugs should always be putting on top of the list of the testing method. The specific practise is also quite simple, you should check the carpet surface carefully, to check the flatness, whether the fluff is bumpy on one hand, on the other hand, to check whether the color appears inconsistent chromatic aberration. In addition to this, it will be better to check whether there is any problems with peeling or cementing, to avoid sticky greasy phenomena in the future.

2. The pile density of carpet

We believe when most of people ask the question about "What is the technique to choose the carpet", one of the main purposes is hoping that it could help with the effect of sound insulation and anti-skid, the carpet pile density is the key factor which affects these two points. Generally speaking, the better carpet will be with the better quality of the pile quality, normally the density also will be more full, not only very anti-wear and pressure resistance, but usually its sound insulation ability is also very good. However there is a point you need to be aware of, don't mistakenly believe that the carpet with fluffy material surface will be good carpet, on the contrary, this kind of material will become "Out of all recognition" if you stamp on it a few times, therefore carpet manufacturers recommend everyone to buy the carpet with tight thick pile by hand touch.

3. Check the color fastness of carpet

This is an approach that will be easily overlooked by many people in the technique to choose the carpet, the house owners usually complain to the merchants, the color faded badly after they purchased the rugs to use in the house after a period of time,  the entire floors are stained with colors. Therefore, a kinder reminder to everyone who prefer colorful carpets, during the process of purchasing the carpet, you may consider to test the color fastness of carpet by rubbing it back and forth with a solid-colored cloth, if there is a dyeing problem on the cloth, basically we could determine the quality of product are very poor, it will not be recommended to buy.

4. Peeling strength of carpet backing

In the production process of carpet, there is a very important part to put a layer of grid cloth with latex adhere on the back of the carpet, usually there is a established standard of this process, its peel strength should meet with the force value which is not less than 25N, and base on this point, everyone could pull slightly by hand during the purchasing, to test whether its bonding degree could be up to the standard, this is also a method to test the durability in the question of what is the technique to choose the carpet.

The above is to share about the technique to choose the carpet, as for what color of carpet could go well with everything? Objectively speaking the carpet with lower purity will easily go well with everything, therefore, we also need to consider what kind of the carpet color will suit the best with the style of decoration in the house, the pure and fresh quietly elegant color will match better with the Mediterranean style. What is the technique to choose the carpet, it depends on the quality of carpet and friction, etc, to purchase the type of cost-effective carpet with multiple considerations.

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