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What is office carpet?

Office carpet, also known as carpet tiles, is a flooring material made of elastic and composite materials as backing and cut into square shapes. Carpet tiles have precise and stable external dimensions, and they are tightly interconnected. They can achieve the best overall appearance by assembling different color carpet tiles.

The role of office carpet

Beautify the environment

With the rapid rise of office buildings, modern office carpet has become a fashion trend for today's office decoration. No matter where you go in large and medium-sized cities, office carpets are everywhere. The era has made office carpet the best flooring material for modern five-star intelligent office buildings, further improving the image of enterprises.

Absorption and sound insulation

When you answer the phone in the office or walk around the office area, do you not want to disturb others because of the noise you make? If you use a floor, then unfortunately, you may be working against your will.

However, if you use carpet, everything will make you much more comfortable because compared with other floor materials, office carpet has the function of sound absorption.


If your office supplies and communication equipment are placed on a hard floor or other hard surface decoration material, I’m afraid the consequences will be disastrous. However, if you use a carpet, the degree of damage to people or objects will be minimized.

For yourself and for the people around you, there is undoubtedly nothing better than covering the office floor with carpet.

Dust-proof effect, beneficial to health:

The air contains dust particles and bacteria that can be easily inhaled into the human respiratory tract, and the invasion of a large number of bacteria can harm human health. However, carpet with modern office carpet texture will not make it happen. Because the surface of the office carpet is made up of dense tufts, it has the function of sticking to airborne dust and preventing it from flying up again, thereby reducing the dust content in the air. When you turn on the air conditioner or fan for ventilation, floating substances will not circulate in the air again.


Carpet has the property of maintaining temperature and blocking temperature flow. In cold winters, people walking on hard floors can feel a layer of coldness on the ground. However, if you use carpet in the office area, the situation will improve a lot because the carpet blocks the chill infiltrating from the ground. In the hot summer, such as when the air conditioner is turned on, the heat insulation function of office carpet will prevent low temperature in the room from easily flowing out through the ground, saving indoor air conditioning energy. No matter which season of the year it is, carpet will bring you wonderful enjoyment.

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