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1. High quality materials are used for high end carpets

Carpets made of natural materials (such as pure wool or silk) are more valuable than those made of synthetic materials. Of course, each material has its own quality. For example, some kinds of wool, such as Merino wool, Angora wool and cashmere, are softer and more luxurious than others, so they are more popular with high-end groups. So when buying carpet, try to touch carpet as much as possible to feel the comfort of carpet. Generally speaking, carpets made of natural and high-end materials will be much softer and more comfortable than low-quality carpets.

2. High end carpets are hand woven

In a broad sense, carpets can be divided into three types according to different weaving methods: machine-made carpets, bayonet carpets and hand-made carpets. As the name suggests, machine-made carpet is manufactured by machine, which belongs to mass production of industrial products. The weaving of hand-made carpet needs a lot of time and skills, because the weaver needs to weave the carpet by knotting. Bayonet carpet is made in this way: the pattern of carpet is made on a base cloth with a stabbing gun, and the back of the carpet is fixed with a rubber back. Compared with hand-made carpets, bayonet carpets are easier to manufacture and save time, but their value will be greatly reduced. Therefore, when buying carpet, we must ask suppliers about the weaving process of carpets. The real high-end carpet is pure manual carpet.

3. The pile of high end carpet is short

Different carpets have different pile heights. Generally speaking, the best carpets are very fine. In order to achieve the fine effect, the pile of carpet surface is relatively short, such as hand-made carpets. The reason for this situation is that the patterns of hand-made carpets are more complex and must be tied into carpets. After the blanket is finished, the weaver needs to cut down the pile on the blanket surface to show the pattern more clearly. Of course, the carpet with low pile is more difficult to weave, and the requirements for designers and weavers are very high. The pile of carpet is low and relatively thin. For example, the thickness of silk carpet of a brand high end carpet is about 6 mm, and that of wool carpet is about 1 cm.

4. High end carpet is unique

The uniqueness of high end carpet is mainly reflected in its design. To judge whether a carpet is unique is not to see whether it is popular at present, but to see whether it will be popular and imitated many years later. If a carpet design can withstand the test of time, still has its own position in the carpet circle, is sought after by high-end groups and imitated by designers, then it must be a unique good design. Just like Persian carpet or Turkish carpet, a pattern can be spread for more than 2000 years. Their uniqueness and exclusiveness are very obvious.

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