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Handmade rugs can be used in hotels and can be seen in some clubs, high-end hotels and other places where custom rugs are required. And about handmade area rugs, here's what you need to know.

The weather is getting colder, and winter's comming. At such a time, I believe that nothing can bring us more warmth than a fluffy rug. Among the various types and styles of rugs currently on the market, handmade rugs are more and more favored and sought after by people due to their good decorative effect, strong practicability, high artistic value and many other advantages.

However, it is not easy to find genuine handmade area rugs in such a dazzling rug market. Today, we are here to talk about the secrets of handmade area rugs, and help you quickly become a little discriminating expert!

Generally speaking, what we call handmade rugs, whether they are cinema rugs or rugs for hotels, are classified into the following two categories:

1. Hand-knotted rugs

Also known as handmade rugs, the production process of this kind of rugs is very complicated. Such as thread dyeing, hanging, knotting, threading, pruning and washing, etc. And the handmade rugs takes several months to complete.

Especially in the manual knotting process, professional rug craftsmen are required to insert high-quality wool or silk threads into the warp threads wound on the loom, and tie them together by hand. If there is a little carelessness in the above process, there will be unevenness, which is a test of the craftsman's superb skills and rich experience, and this pure hand-made method also makes each rug a work of art , making the rug a very high collectible value.

2. Hand gun stabbed rugs

This is a way of manually driving rug yarn into a woven cloth with the help of a machine gun to form a rug. After the rug is finished, the workers will use glue to fix the pile of the rug and dry it to ensure the shape of the rug and prevent the rug from shedding hair. Compared with traditional hand weaving, this method requires shorter production time, and no longer needs to be manually knotted in the process, so compared with pure hand knotted rugs, its price is also lower and cost-effective.

The above is a brief introduction to the selection of hotel area rugs, we hope it can be a reference for you.

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