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In the past few years, the demand of China's rugs in International market continue to be bullish, in the meanwhile, Asian has become a new consumer market of Hotel Carpet, China is projected to become one of the major consumer markets. The development of the Chinese tourism and real estate industries continue to flourish, the people's living standard is constantly improving, the consumer market of Chinese rugs will also continue to flourish more and more. However rapid growth and development always has two sides, there will be advantages and disadvantages, for example with a huge increase of Hotel Carpet manufacturers, the original creative abilities of all kinds of manufacturers have been gradually reduced, in addition, some of the excessive behavior of bad manufacturers have become an obstruction of the development of the hotel. Therefore, how could the hotel carpet industry survive under this tough circumstance?

Ⅰ. Due to the increased demand of the hotel carpet

The hotel carpet produced by well-known enterprises will be unlimited copied, plagiarized by competitors , to sell into the market with a much cheaper price, this bad behavior disrupts the sales of regular enterprises. Overall speaking, the main factors that limit the development of hotel carpet industry are mainly the innovative design, personality elements, design of details, what is more important is how the users feel after they use it, therefore a bottleneck does exist in the continued development of the hotel carpet industry.

Ⅱ. Due to the threshold of the hotel carpet industry is not high

Hotel carpet brands are also ubiquitous, therefore resulting in a lack of standardized management within hotel carpet industry. Some small manufacturers will adjust prices in order to increase their sales numbers and attract new consumers with price war,the new customers are easily fooled by the low prices and are not aware of the sub-quality materials that are used by the manufacturer to produce the carpets, this vicious competition and poor management tactics will undoubtedly lead the hotel carpet industry to the bottom of development.

Ⅲ. The thought of well-known hotel carpet manufacturers

In the face of such an adverse trend, we should make vigorous efforts to turn this situation, looking for new business opportunities and development paths. How to find the right direction? According to people's consumption habits, lifestyle and quality, the key point of the requirement is the healthy environmental protection, the service need to keep up with the trend of the times. If the hotel carpet enterprise wants to make a figure among many brands, beside the outstanding appearance of the carpets, it also needs to ensure the requirements of environmental protection of the products, it needs to guarantee the quality which is the long-term success magic weapon for the enterprises, it is worth for us to implement this in order to make a better development for enterprises.

Ⅳ. The influencing factors of hotel carpet price

1. The influencing factors of hotel carpet price is the hotel carpet material, we are aware that generally according to the material, the hotel carpets can be divided into wool hotel carpet, nylon hotel carpet, polyester hotel carpet, acrylic hotel carpet, polypropylene hotel carpet, etc., there can be a great difference in the price based off of the the carpet material, wool hotel carpet normally will be more expensive however, it has the benefits to be more comfortable.

2. The shape of the hotel carpet will also affect the price of hotel carpet, such as fully covered with hotel carpet, square hotel carpet, splicing hotel carpet, etc., the  technology is more complicated and there are more processes under the same condition, the cost of the carpet will be much higher.

3. Another influencing factor of hotel carpet price hotel is the hotel carpet processing technology, generally the processing technology can be divided into two categories, one is a mechanism hotel carpet, another one is the manual hotel carpet. Just as its name implies, the mechanism hotel carpet is made by machine, it is mass produced, and the manual hotel carpet, is made artificially with a carpet gun, the labor cost of the manual hotel carpet could never compare with the mechanism hotel carpet, certainly the price of manual carpet will be several times more expensive than the mechanism hotel carpet.

4. Hotel carpet prices are also relative with hotel carpet manufacturers, different hotel carpet manufacturers will choose the different material, different processing technologies and different machine, that's why the price is certainly different, of course it is correct to choose big manufacturers, at least they could guarantee the quality.

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