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The carpet is the protagonist in the space. The choice of material, pattern and color depends on the main function of the space. The choice of carpet is different for different paving spaces.

1. Choices of bedroom rugs

Outdoor rugs are also what we usually call home mats. Its main purpose is to prevent the sole dust from entering the room and play the role of decontamination and sand scraping. Since the carpet is used outdoors, the requirements are not high, as long as it is resistant to wear and tear, it can be washed directly. Good quality foot pads on the market can be satisfied, so I won't go into details here.

And there are many types of indoor bedroom rugs. For example, a porch such as a carpet is generally connected to the living room, which is the first impression of the home. This not only meets the needs of wear-resistant and easy-to-clean use, but also conforms to the overall interior decoration style. The living room is an important place for meeting guests. If you can make the space harmonious and unified, it will be full of conversation. And on the carpet in the bedroom, there should be a warm atmosphere, and more attention should be paid to the texture of the carpet. Carpets for children's rooms should be brightly colored, artistic, and most importantly, the material should be absolutely safe.

In line with the above requirements, the best choice is probably only handmade silk carpets.

2. The culture of bedroom rugs

Not just beauty, but also a history and culture.

When people see handmade silk rugs for the first time, they are fascinated by its beautiful patterns and colors. Since the Western Han Dynasty, in order to resist the cold winter, the nomadic people have combined the cultural exchanges on the Silk Road. It was a gift from the imperial family during the prosperous Tang Dynasty. During the prosperous times of Kang and Qian, everyone in the Forbidden City has their own unique design style. Today, the handmade silk carpets in the home are a symbol of life taste and cultural connotation.

Unlike mid-century modern carpet tiles, handmade silk rugs not only showcase quality but also demonstrate a traditional hand-weaving method that emphasizes care for handmade carpet fabrics. The carpet maker needs to wrap the silk threads around two adjacent warp threads and tie them into hand knots, and then use the tools of the comb to break them up, so that The knot can then be firmly tied to the warp thread, and the end of the thread can be cut with a knife.

And it's just one step in the making of handmade carpet tiles for bedroom. Before that, it still needs to go through pattern design, silk weaving, color matching, warp hanging, edging, braiding, velveteen, blanket washing, finishing, etc. after weaving. This unique process makes handmade rugs more durable than regular rugs and doesn't require glue on the back to secure like woven rugs. In addition, the natural silk and hand-made temperature are very comfortable whether you are walking or lying down.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about the special odor and formaldehyde of the handmade carpets spread at home, and the children at home can use it with confidence. The temperature is getting lower, and the bedroom rug is an essential warm element in autumn and winter.

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