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1. Hotel carpets can beautify the living environment

Because the carpet has rich patterns and colors, after the carpet is laid indoors, together with furniture, walls and other decorative equipment, it will form a harmonious, coordinated and comfortable picture, which can give people a good attitude.

People feel comfortable and relaxed in the living room, and feel fresh, elegant and tidy in the office. In hotels, schools, hospitals or other public places, it makes people feel solemn, calm and peaceful.

2. Sound absorption and sound insulation of hotel carpets

Compared with other floor materials, hotel project carpet has excellent sound absorption effect, making the living room quiet. It can absorb telephone and other noise indoors, and can block the impact sound and footsteps from the top floor and outdoor stairs and aisles.

3. The warmth retention of hotel carpets

People can feel a layer of coldness on the surface when they step on the hard ground, especially in winter or when wearing thin-soled shoes and socks. The wall to wall carpets for hospitality has a barrier effect on the coolness of the ground, and also plays a role in saving indoor air conditioning energy.

4. The safety of hotel carpets

Walking on the luxury hospitality carpet, it is not easy to slip and fall, and even if it falls, it is not easy to be injured. At the same time, when fragile items fall, it can also prevent or reduce the degree of damage.

5. Walking comfort of hotel carpet

When walking on the carpet or laying a soft pad under the carpet, it makes people feel comfortable and leisurely, reducing fatigue. There will be no vibration caused by frequent impacts between hard ground and hard soles.

6. Dustproof effect of hotel carpet

Because the carpet surface of the hotel carpet is a dense pile structure, the dust falling from the air to the carpet is stuck by the pile, preventing it from flying to the outside world.

Even if the dust generated by walking on the carpet again is far lower than that on the hard ground, the dust content in the air is relatively reduced.

No matter for hotels, family rooms, schools, hospitals and public places, it can reduce dust and protect the environment.

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