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1. Advantages of carpets and rugs

Carpet is a kind of high-grade decorative bedding material, which is widely laid in commercial, office and exhibition places. According to statistics, carpet laying accounts for more than 60% of the total area in modern hotel office buildings. Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more families have carried out decoration. Among the numerous floor decoration materials, carpets and rugs are used more and more in people's decoration because of its elegant appearance, comfortable foot feeling, moisture resistance and many other advantages.

2. Disadvantages of carpet

In people's use, people will feel very troublesome about some shortcomings of the carpets and rugs. For example, the carpet is easy to dirty and not easy to clean. It is not easy to collect and it is easy to fade. It is not resistant to being squashed and easy to have marks remained.

3. Carpet purchase

When choosing carpets and rugs, the size and specification should be consistent with the floor size to be laid. The color and performance are suitable for the application.

For example, for the passage, anti pollution and wear-resistant carpets and rugs should be selected. For the living room, the high-grade chemical fiber carpet or wool carpet with soft texture and gorgeous appearance should be selected. Generally speaking, the quality of carpet is greatly affected by the type of textile fiber used, the number and density of carpet pile and pile height. The comprehensive properties of silk and wool are the best. High pile carpets and rugs are soft, but not easy to clean. In addition, the surface of high-quality carpet is smooth, the thickness of carpet body is uniform, and it can immediately return to its original state after gently pressing, and the back of carpet has no wear. If there is backing, it should be firmly bonded with the back of carpet, and there is no detachment phenomenon. If you want to buy carpets and rugs , you should also pay attention to whether the price of the bulk carpet tiles is reasonable. The price of hand-made wool woven carpets and rugs is high, and the price of chemical fiber needled carpets and rugs is low.

4. Structure of carpet

First layer: face shield - usually made of natural fiber and man-made fiber.The surface is loose and soft.

The second layer: supporting layer - usually made of fiber. It plays a supporting role and improves the stability and durability of the carpets and rugs. The surface layer yarn and specific layer material are wrapped and woven accordingly.

The third layer: auxiliary support layer - it is usually made of hemp or fiber. It tightly adheres to the support layer with agent, so as to firmly combine the whole carpet tissue.

The fourth layer: cushion layer - generally plastic hole structure. Its function is to use carpet and ground isolation, increasing air permeability and elasticity.

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