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Hotel carpet is an indispensable item in the hotel, whether it is a modern hotel or a traditional hotel, there will be carpets on the ground. The carpet is just a piece of cloth, but this extraordinary piece of cloth plays a big role in the decoration of the hotel, making the hotel more luxurious and rich. There are also many types of commercial hotel carpets. It is divided into: Persian carpets, Chinese carpets, Savonnerie carpets, Tibetan carpets, Indian carpets, Turkish carpets, and Lager carpets.

1. Commercial hotel carpet: Persian carpet

Persian carpets mainly include three types: Heriz, Sultanabad and Tabriz. Heriz carpets always have jewel-toned graphics and colors, generally red and dark blue; Sultanabad carpets are produced in the northwest region of Arak, Iran. The patterns are a combination of modern and traditional, reflecting the perfection of art. The designer of the hotel decoration company will choose this type as the commercial hotel carpet when designing the renderings; Tabriz carpet is produced in the northwestern city of Iran. The appearance of this kind of carpet is better than other Persian carpets. It is decorated in high-end or Star-rated hotels often choose this kind of carpet.

2. Commercial hotel carpet: Chinese carpet

Almost all the patterns in Chinese carpets have Buddhism, Taoism, Chinese dragons or various knots. The main colors of the carpet are dark blue and ivory yellow. Probably because of the texture, most of the carpets have a dark blue background color.

3. Commercial hotel carpet: Savonnerie carpet

The Savonnerie carpet first appeared in the nobilities' hotel in the 17th century French. The carpet factory was established in the early 17th century in a soap factory at the time. A lot of are designer carpets. This kind of carpet is thicker and of higher quality, and is generally used in the decoration of aristocratic hotels with higher grades and less guests. This kind of carpet has since been used all over the world.

4. Commercial hotel carpet: Tibetan carpet

Most Tibetan carpets are exported to Western countries. Tibetan carpets are hand-woven with pure colored wool, and its patterns are almost all images of Tibetan Buddhism. In recent years, in order to meet the needs of the decoration in western hotels and offices, Tibetan carpets have undergone great changes in pattern design and weaving. Their styles are richer and their colors are more beautiful, especially for the hotel project carpet.

5. Commercial hotel carpets: Indian carpet

Indian carpets mainly include three types: Lahore, Kashmirs and Linaga. The colors of Indian carpets are mostly softer, and the design of the patterns is more lively and rich in content, which can highlight a strong sense of the times. It is very popular with hotel decoration companies and is widely used.

6. Commercial hotel carpet: Turkish carpet

Turkish carpets are produced in central Turkey. There are mainly two types of Turkish carpets, Natoria and Oushak. The pattern design of Oushak carpet is very exquisite, and the materials used are high-end materials, which are mostly used in the decoration of higher-end hotels and restaurants. They can enhance the taste and artistic atmosphere of hotels and restaurants. Therefore, such carpets are very attractive and popular.

7. Commercial hotel carpet: Lager carpet

Lager rugs are made by hand using pure cotton. Lager carpets were first produced on the prairie in the United States. They are generally not very large in shape, usually round or oval. Because of the flexible pattern design and fine workmanship of this kind of carpet, this kind of carpet was very popular at that time.

The above carpets are the commercial hotel carpets that are often used in hotel decoration. The choice of carpets should not pursue nobility blindly, but should conform to their own decoration style and decoration characteristics, so as to achieve a specific artistic atmosphere.

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