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The carpet can be hung in the hall or spread indoors. It has the characteristics of bright color, beautiful and comfortable, heat preservation and convenient maintenance. It is an ideal home decoration and decoration material. As home decoration becomes more and more fashionable and personalized, various styles and types of rugs continue to appear in the market. Hotel carpets have gradually become the fashion protagonist of decoration. When consumers buy hotel rugs, how should they choose? Below we provide you with some relevant information, hoping to help you choose hotel rugs.

When choosing, pay attention to three principles: one check, two check, three pay attention.

1. Hotel carpet: check

Check the density and elasticity of general short-pile carpets. First of all, if you press your thumb on the carpet, it will quickly return to its original shape after pressing, indicating that the density and elasticity of the fleece are good; secondly, if you bend the hotel project carpet, the harder it is to see the bottom pad, it means that the plush is densely woven and more durable.

2. Hotel carpet: see

The material, weaving structure and processing of the carpet are determined according to the needs of different environments. When purchasing, you should choose carpets of different materials, colors and specifications according to different spaces.

Generally, hotel rugs are attached with labels, indicating the applicable environment and the ability to withstand the frequency of walking. When choosing, you need to read the corresponding choices on the label.

No matter what kind of hotel carpet is selected, the appearance quality of high-quality carpet requires no damage, no stains, no wrinkles, no obvious color difference, streaks and repair marks, and no bending of the carpet edge. When choosing a chemical fiber carpet, you should also look at the back of the carpet.

3. Hotel carpet: Attention

When choosing carpets, you should first choose carpets of different grades according to the consumption level of each family. At the same time, four defenses and two resistances should be considered, that is, anti-pollution, anti-mute, anti-mildew, fire-proof, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

When purchasing carpets, you should pay attention to whether there are guarantees such as dustproof, antifouling, wear resistance and static control provided by the manufacturer. Generally, excellent household carpets are treated with abrasion resistance, anti-static and anti-fouling.

In addition, pay attention to the location where the hotel carpet is laid and the amount of walking there. Carpets of different materials should be selected for different activity areas, such as porches and halls, and modern corridor carpet with higher density and wear resistance (such as short loop pile and twisted pile) should be selected; places with low activity such as bedrooms banquet carpet can be selected. A higher pile, softer carpet (such as cut pile).

Tips: Use your thumb to press on the carpet, and it will return to its original state quickly after pressing, which means that the density and elasticity of the fleece are better; or if the carpet is bent, the more difficult it is to see the bottom pad, it means that the fleece is woven more densely. Durable; as for the amount of fluff, see the label. The quality of the carpet is closely related to the density, weight and twisting method of the pile fibers, in addition to the characteristics and processing of the fibers. The denser and thicker the pile, the heavier the weight of the pile per unit area, the better the texture and appearance of the hotel carpet can be maintained, and basically, the short-pile and densely woven carpet is more durable.

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