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Can we use the rugs with floor heating? What are the effects if you put the rugs over floor heating? Technically speaking, it can works either way. From the daily experience standpoint, it will feel more comfortable if you put the rugs over floor heating, therefore the  rugs  will certainly effect the room heating, it will cause more harm than good though, we will introduce more details from the carpet manufacturer as below:

1. Putting area rugs over floor heating is equivalent to putting a quilt on floor heating

The rugs in modern family homes, such as contemporary wall to wall carpets, are typically thick. Thick rugs has very good heat insulation properties, correspondingly the rugs will also affect the transfer of floor heating heat, if the floor heating heat couldn't transfer into the air, it will affect the indoor temperature, the temperature will get lower, therefore it will also affect the room conform in our life, after careful consideration, you will find people typically choose solid wood furniture for many houses with floor heating installation, therefore it can speed up the heat conduction, and it will not affect the way we make the heating.

2. The rugs could be called as "A paradise" of mites

In some application  rugs  is glued to the floor heating, therefore the temperature will be higher, increasing the possibility for bacteria to breed, resulting in the  rugs  to be infested with many mites if the  rugs are not regularly cleaned. Our health conditions will certainly get affected to live in such kind of the environment for a long time, even if the rugs  are regularly cleaned, the speed of mites breeding and bacteria will also increase faster and faster, due to the warm wet condition, unless you could clean the  rugs everyday, otherwise the interior space will always present an unclean condition.

3. If the rugs you purchased is inferior

It is easily to release the toxic substances when exposed to heat for a long time. The temperature of solid wood floor will be higher due to the rugs overlaid onto of the floor heating and wood floor, correspondingly the rug will heat up as well will trap some of the heat between the wood floor and rug having the potential to release wood burning odors, however it is also likely to release the formaldehyde or carbon monoxide odors from materials used to manufacture the rugs, the leakproofness will be better in the winter for indoor environment. If toxic substances such as formaldehyde were used to manufacture the rugs  they cannot be removed over time, the toxic odor have a high probability to become a great threat for the family members healthy conditions. Heating floor system will also have the appearance of an uneven heating the floor if you put the rugs  on top of the floor heating, appearance of different temperatures in each room, increasing the chance to get sick if there is a huge temperature difference inside the house.

Nevertheless, the rugs manufacturer will point out, if you use the regular floor instead of the special heating floor for the house decoration, there will be the benefit to put the rugs  on the floor, because if the regular floor is heated for a long time, it has the high chance to release a lot of formaldehyde, however it could prevent the release of formaldehyde if you put the rugs on it, in the face of such kind of situation, the carpet manufacturers recommends everyone to choose the  rugs constructed with a bamboo charcoal interlayer, in this case, the charcoal interlayer will act as a filter and will purify the air and absorb formaldehyde odor. 

However if you could also use a professional thickness geothermal floor for the house floor decoration, it will be unnecessary to put the rugs , because this type of floor materials could effectively resist high temperature, its heat resistance and permeability are very good, therefore the formaldehyde control is better. Avoiding the potentially toxic odors from causing harm to the body even if the floor stays hot for a long time.

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