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Many movie theater rugs will be laid on the floor for a long time which may not be cleaned frequently. And some carpets are relatively long, which are only cleaned on the front. So it is difficult to thoroughly clean them, which leads to the generation of various bacteria and viruses and causes peculiar smell. In addition, the volatilization of adhesives and other chemicals in the movie carpet is the main cause of peculiar smell. So how can the cinema improve the indoor air quality and remove the peculiar smell of the movie carpet?

1. Ventilation and deodorization for cinema carpets

After opening doors, windows, turning on exhaust fans and air conditioning, the flow of fresh air will exhaust more bad smell out of the room, and the smell of commercial theater carpet will gradually reduce.

2. The use of baking soda for cinema carpets

Baking soda has the effect of absorbing smell, which can remove the smell of a new commercial cinema carpet in a few hours. Sprinkle baking soda on the new movie carpet when there are no customers and vacuum it the next morning. If the effect is not ideal at one time, it can be repeated many times.

3. The use of white vinegar of movie carpets

Pour the 1:2 mixture of white vinegar and warm water into the movie carpet steam cleaner. Clean the carpet according to the washer instruction. White vinegar can quickly reduce the smell of the new carpet, but also make the new carpet with a little fragrance.

4. Apple or pineapple deodorization of movie carpets

Put the apple or pineapple in the important position and put them aside for a period of time. Apple and pineapple have the characteristics of eliminating peculiar smell, and can also leave fruit fragrance in the cinema.

5. Professional cleaning of movie carpets

Hire professional cleaning personnel to clean. Some special cleaners can effectively remove the smell of adhesive in the new cinema commercial carpet. For example, use a dry bubble cleaner. For different stains, with different detergent cleaning, so as to thoroughly eradicate the movie carpet stains. It can also solve the problem that washing is difficult to dry. In addition, its foam water content can be adjusted, and serious stains can also be quickly cleaned. It belongs to mechanical cleaning with high efficiency and even friction; It can avoid holes and rags in cloth due to uneven friction.

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