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Whether it is a modern hotel or a traditional hotel, carpet is one of the essential facilities. Because the laying of hotel carpets can absorb noise, reduce noise, heat insulation, heat conduction, shock absorption, comfort, safety, non-slip, clean, and dustproof. Carpets are also an important manifestation of the added value of hotel space art.

So, how should hotel rugs be chosen? There are some tips.

Ⅰ. Purchasing hotel carpets according to the hotel's features

When purchasing hotel rugs, it is necessary to choose according to the hotel-style positioning and star rating standard. In terms of style, carpets have various styles such as European and American minimalism, Chinese style, classicalism, and modernism. The style of carpet needs to be coordinated with the hotel's soft and hard decoration to keep the unity of interior decoration style.

In terms of star ratings, the level of hotel carpets is an important criterion for the hotel's sense of quality and artistry. Therefore, the purchase should be targeted according to the hotel's own level. The luxury hotel carpet is different from the ordinary carpet in materials.

Ⅱ. Purchasing hotel carpets according to the hotel's areas

The interior of the hotel is divided into several areas such as banquet hall, guest room, restaurant, corridor, meeting room, reception room and office area. Different areas have different functions, so carpets of different materials are needed. For example, when choosing carpets in hotels and restaurants, those patterns are generally chosen to be more resistant to dirt and the materials are stain-proof.

Ⅲ. Purchasing hotel carpets that meet fire retardant standards

A hotel is a public place, and the issue of fire protection is the top priority. The choice of hotel carpets must meet the inspection standards of the fire department. Among the natural flame-retardant materials, wool has the best flame-retardant effect among all fibers. According to the grade of the hotel, it is better to choose a hotel carpet blended with a certain proportion of wool.

Ⅳ. Purchasing hotel carpets according to the city's weather

Hotel carpets should also be selected according to the climate characteristics of the city where the hotel is located. Take factors such as outdoor temperature, humidity, and average rainfall into consideration. This will reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles in the use of hotel carpets in the future.

For example, in areas with humid climates and frequent rains, sometimes when guests enter the door, shoes and umbrellas will bring rainwater into the hotel, which will cause many stains on the hotel carpets, and cause mold or odor. Therefore, when purchasing hotel carpets, we must consider the possible impact of climate factors on hotel carpets.

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