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1. Vacuum cleaning of movie theater carpet

Function: comb and brush the fabric of movie theater carpet tiles, which can absorb more than 80% dry dirt.

Equipment: vertical and horizontal vacuum cleaner.

2. Stain treatment of movie theater carpet

Function: timely removal can prevent the movie theater carpet fiber from embrittlement, adhesion and fracture due to stain penetration. 

Tools: soft brush, towel, special stain remover, and detergent.

3. Dry cleaning of woven mat for movie theater carpet tiles

Function: clean the surface of the movie theater carpet tiles through the action of foam.

Equipment/cleaner: 20 inch 175 turn floor cleaner, high foam movie theater carpet cleaner.

4. Dry cleaning of movie theater carpet with rotary shampoo

Function: through the foam effect, the carpet surface and supporting layer can be washed.

Equipment/cleaner: 20 inch 175 turn floor cleaner, high foam movie theater carpet cleaner, electronic bubble box release type/foam first, water tank release type/foam later.

5. Cleaning of movie theater carpet by suction washing

Function: thoroughly absorb the dirt in the deep layer of the movie theater carpet. The water spraying, rolling brush and water absorption of the movie theater carpet surface layer are completed at one time.

Equipment / cleaning agent: split suction washer, integrated suction washer, non foam carpet cleaner.

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