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If you want to make your home more stylish, warmer and more comfortable, put on rugs! Many families have area rugs in the living room, room, or cozy corner of their home. Whether it is the foot feel or the vision, the room feels a lot warmer. In Nordic style decor, the use of rugs is the icing on the cake!

But area rugs are beautiful and delicate, and getting dirty accidentally can be a headache. Many people are afraid to use it because it is too dirty. Today, we will teach you various clearance area rugs tips! Don't look further for it, the rug cleaning tips you want are here!

Ⅰ. Tips of area rugs cleaning

1. Edible oil stains: Clean with volatile solvents such as gasoline, and clean the remaining parts with alcohol.

2. Soy sauce oil stains: First, brush with cold water, then wash with detergent. Old stains can be cleaned with warm water, detergent and ammonia, and then rinsed with clean water.

3. Shoe polish stains: Wipe with gasoline, turpentine or alcohol, then wash with soap.

4. Juice stain: First, clean with 5% ammonia solution, and then clean with detergent. 

Tip: Ammonia can damage pure wool rugs fibers and should be minimized. Generally, it can be cleaned with citric acid or soap, and it can also be cleaned with alcohol.

5. Wine stain: Clean with water. It can be cleaned with oxalic acid if these are wool rugs.

6. Coffee and tea stains: Clean with glycerin.

7, Ice cream stains: Wipe with gasoline.

8. Clever decoking marks: If the rug is accidentally burnt, it can be eliminated by repairing. First, brush the char with a stiff brush, then use scissors to cut the fuzz from the rest of the rug, then stick to the char with adhesive, and finally press it with something equivalent to the weight and flat surface of a book. It is finally lightly combed with a brush after the adhesive dries and the bonded hair is firm.

Ⅱ. Precautions of area rugs decontamination

1. Distinguish your types of carpet material before cleaning. Some materials are delicate, don't be too violent!

2. The stains that have just been spilled can be sucked out with a paper towel and then dealt with. Don't wash too hard in the first place. Washing can damage the fibers and make the stained area look worse.

3. Do not soak the dirty area with too much vinegar, water or other liquids. If the rugs penetrate too deeply, allow it to dry out may lead to mold growth.

4. A mixture of lemon and salt can effectively clean lighter rugs. Focus on repairing the areas that need attention and make sure your rugs doesn't get stained with different colors.

Ⅲ. Treatment methods of area rugs stubborn stains

Rug cleaners can remove the deepest stains and most stubborn odors. This cleaner uses hot water and chemical cleaners to clean fibers from area rugs.

Rug cleaners can be rented at supermarkets, stores that specialize in vacuuming, or rug stores.

Rental rug cleaners come with cleaning detergents and stain removal treatments. The key is to know what type of rug you have before renting a machine so that you can be sure to use the proper detergent.

In addition to cleaning stains, Homedec, as a professional custom rug manufacturer, suggests taking care of your area rugs every day so that the area rugs will be more beautiful and durable! One is daily vacuuming and the other is to remove wet stains and marks. Thorough vacuuming is the most important part of maintaining rugs. Daily vacuuming can reduce the number of cleanings and help keep your rug soft and comfortable. Different types of rugs also have different maintenance methods and cycles.

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